What happened to the members of Golden Earring?

Dutch rockers Golden Earring have broken up. The band, who originally formed as the Golden Earrings in 1961, are calling it quits after guitarist George Kooymans was diagnosed with the degenerative muscle disease ALS.

Who is the lead guitar player for Golden Earring?

George KooymansGolden Earring / Guitarist

Who are the original members of Golden Earring?


  • Rinus Gerritsen – bass, keyboards, guitar, harmonica (1961–2021)
  • George Kooymans – guitar, vocals (1961–2021)
  • Barry Hay – vocals, guitar, flute, saxophone (1967–2021)
  • Cesar Zuiderwijk – drums, percussion (1970–2021)
  • Fred van der Hilst – drums, percussion (1962–1965)
  • Hans van Herwerden – guitar (1962–1963)

Who did Golden Earring open for?

Bands like Aerosmith, KISS, ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd opened for Golden Earring. The album that spawned Radar Love, 1973’s Moontan, was certified ‘Gold’ by the RIAA in 1974 and sold millions of copies worldwide.

Who was the bass player for Golden Earring?

Rinus GerritsenGolden Earring / Bassist

Did Golden Earring open for The Who at Madison Square Garden?

Jun 10, 1974: The Who / Golden Earring at Madison Square Garden New York, New York, United States | Concert Archives.

Who wrote Radar Love?

Golden Earring
Barry Hay
Radar Love/Lyricists

How many number one hits did Golden Earring have?

In their native country of the Netherlands the band has enjoyed five number one singles and seven number one albums. Their last number one album being somewhat recent, as it was released in 2012.

Who first loved radar?

Any resistance fades, however, when you hear the opening strains of “Radar Love” by Golden Earring, still the song most likely to inspire a speeding ticket some 47 years after it was first released.

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