What does as mean in medical terms?

AS ankylosing spondylitis; aortic stenosis; auris sinistra (left ear) As. astigmatism.

What does WDT mean?

A watchdog timer (WDT) is a device or electronic card that performs a specific operation after a certain period of time if something goes wrong with an electronic system and the system does not recover on its own.

What is WTD pay in NHS?

NHS staff who undertake regular overtime or work on bank contracts to undertake additional hours may also be able to claim these as regular payments and should be encouraged to complete a case form. *Working Time Directive (WTD) payments are determined locally and may vary from Trust to Trust.

How does WTD pay work?

So babyroobs is right, I think, that you don’t get extra pay when you take annual leave, but you do get WTD pay when you work, which is an extra 12.5% of your enhancements and covers the cash value of the annual leave that you should get for working those hours, so that when you take leave you’ve been compensated in …

What does WTD pay NP mean?

This Period Summary. Additional Expenses and their meanings. Temp Work NP – this is for additional hours worked via the LET bank. 441 WTD payment – this is for the annual leave accrued for hours worked and paid for on the LET bank.

What is the abbreviation for bedrest?

Nursing Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviations & Acronyms Meaning
BR or br or B.R. or b.r. Bedrest
BRP or B.R.P. or brp Bathroom priviledges
BSC or bsc Bedside commode
°C Celsius degree (or centigrade)

Do you need a WDT?

Is WDT necessary? Of course not! If your grinder produces clump-free, evenly distributed coffee grinds in the basket, WDT is superfluous. But if not, there’s a good chance that WDT will improve your extractions.

What is WTD pay in the NHS?

What is WTD pay in NHS payslips?

Why do I get WTD pay?

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