What do Level 7 gymnasts do?

This post has been updated to reflect the 2022-2026 Code of Points. Level 7 floor routines are some of my favorite routines to judge….Some examples of dance “B” elements are:

  • Switch leap.
  • Side leap.
  • Straddle jump.
  • Pike jump.
  • Jump 1 1/2 turn.
  • Tuck jump 1/1 turn.
  • Split jump 1/2 turn.
  • Shushunova.

What level is Level 7 in gymnastics?

As a Level 7 gymnast, which is the second of the Optional Gymnastics levels, and the first optional level required, a gymnast must have received a minimum of a 32.00 All-Around in either Level 5 or Level 6 as well as have reached her 7th birthday.

What Jo level is Xcel Gold?

levels 4-6
The gold division is similar in skill requirements to the JO Program’s levels 4-6. Gold gymnasts practice 6-9 hours per week and are eligible for State and Regional meets.

What are the special requirements and value parts for Level 7?

At Level 7, the gymnast must perform the following Value Parts: A Level 7 routine that fulfills all of the Special Requirements and Value Parts will start at a 10.0. Non-flight acro series x2 AND 1 acro flight element (isolated or in series) At Level 7, the gymnast must perform the following Value Parts:

How do I get to Level 7?

You have to compete at least one level 5 meet and score at least 32AA to skip level 6 and move on to level 7. Keep in mind having a skill and skill perfection are two completely different things. Good luck! So can you skip 7 and go straight to 8 if you have all your 7 skills?

What are the requirements for Level 7 gymnastics?

Level 7 Gymnastics Requirements: Floor. one acro series ( 3 or more flight skills) which includes a back layout (back salto stretched to two feet — this basically means a back flip in the straight position); this could be roundoff back-handspring back-layout*.

What are level 7 choreography skills?

In addition to the skills listed below, level 7 routines must each have 5 “A” skills and 2 “B” skills. In gymnastics each skill has a value, A’s are the easiest all the way up to E’s, which are the hardest. So when the choreographer is choreographing the routine, he or she will need to make sure to add the right amount of skills and difficulty.

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