How tall was Dan Patch?

64 inches
At maturity, Dan Patch stood 16 hands (64 inches, 163 cm) tall at the withers and weighed a “hefty” 1,165 pounds. His hindquarters were notably higher than his front.

Was Dan Patch a real horse?

Probably one of the most famous horses of all time, Dan Patch was foaled in Oxford, Indiana on the farm of Dan A. Messner in 1896. His sire was Joe Patchen, his dam, Zelica. As a racehorse, Dan Patch was undefeated in his three regular seasons, losing only two heats.

Where was Dan Patch born?

Oxford, Indiana
Born in Oxford, Indiana, in 1896 to the mare Zelica, owned by local storekeeper Daniel Messner Jr., Dan Patch (named by combining the first name of his owner with a shortened form of the last name of his sire, Joe Patchen) typified the classic American rags-to-riches tale.

What horse beat Dan patches record?

On September 28, 1938, only hours after Billy Direct broke that record by a quarter-second (also at Lexington), Vic Fleming, Billy’s driver, received a congratulatory telegram from Mr. Hersey. Billy Direct’s epochal mile spelled the end of his racing days.

Who was Marion Willis Savage?

In 1902, Minneapolis entrepreneur Marion Willis Savage purchased racing horse Dan Patch and trained and raced him at his farm in the limits of Hamilton. Dan Patch’s notoriety grew as the horse began breaking speed records, and with it grew the town’s prestige.

How old is Savage MN?

Savage, Minnesota

Savage Hamilton, Glendale
County Scott
Founded 1852
Incorporated 1892

Why is Savage Minnesota called Savage?

Previously named Hamilton after the city in Ontario, Canada, the town was renamed Savage after Marion Willis Savage, who owned and trained the nationally celebrated racing horse Dan Patch.

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