How do I add a page to my Tumblr?

Creating Pages

  1. Click “Add a Page” located in the “Edit theme” sidebar at the left side of the screen.
  2. Choose a page layout (Standard Layout, Custom Layout, or Link).
  3. Type a page URL in the field after .
  4. Add a title in the “Page Title” field.
  5. Enable “Show a link to this page.”
  6. Click “Save.”

How do I add links to my Tumblr Masterlist?

i’ll try and do it step by step, i hope this helps!

  1. login to tumblr on desktop or on safari/google on mobile (this won’t work on the app).
  2. click the top left corner icon that looks like 3 lines.
  3. click settings.
  4. click account.
  5. it’ll bring you up to a page with a list of your blogs to the right hand side.

How do you add links to your sidebar on Tumblr?

How to: Add links to your Tumblr description/sidebar

  1. Log into Tumblr and click on the ‘human’ cog icon and Select your blog from the right-hand column. Click the Edit appearance option.
  2. I’ve highlighted the box where you can add your description.
  3. Now, when I open my Tumblr blog, you can see the links:
  4. Other tips.

How do I add links to my Masterlist on Tumblr?

How to put custom HTML codes in Tumblr?

Any of these codes can be inserted where you are allowed to put custom HTML codes in Tumblr. Just replace the words Your Text Message with your own words. Enter the code and you will be done!

How to add content to a Tumblr page?

Steps Open Tumblr. Click your profile icon. Select a blog. Click Edit appearance. Scroll down and click Edit theme. Scroll down and click Add a page. Click the “Show a link to this page” switch. Type in a name for the link. Select a layout. Enter a page title. Add content to your page. Click Save.

How do I add Subscript text to my Tumblr page?

Subscript text, like you would use for a footnote: Your Text Message The following are HTML codes to format your text on your Tumblr page to make it just how you want it. To align your text to the left side of the page or table cell: Your Text Message

How do I add a fanpage to my Tumblr blog?

If you’re using the Redirect layout, just enter the URL for the page that you want to link to in the “Redirect to” field. Click Save. It’s in the top-right corner of the Add a Page section. Doing so saves your page’s content and adds it to your blog. How do I join a fanpage when I have an existing Tumblr account?

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