How do I activate my Ecobank mobile app?

Type Ecobank Mobile, find the app, then click Install. Once the app is installed, exit the app store. To launch the app, click on the Ecobank Mobile icon on your mobile phone. To verify your mobile device, dial *326# using your registered number and perform a PIN change.

How do I access my Ecobank account online?

How to use Ecobank Online

  1. Click “Log-in to Internet Banking”
  2. Select your country and click “Log-in to your account”
  3. Enter your unique User ID.
  4. Enter your unique password and confirm your Secure Image and Message.

What is Omni Plus Ecobank?

Ecobank Omni, a proprietary corporate electronic banking platform, is designed to help you manage your account online in a secure, flexible, efficient and convenient manner. It is internet based and available 24h/7 with technical support.

How do I get my Ecobank OTP code?

When you pay for something online with your card, this will alert us to automatically send a One-Time Passcode (OTP) to the mobile number that we have on file for you. Enter the OTP on the Ecobank-branded webpage that appears to confirm your identity. Continue your purchase as normal.

How do I activate my USSD code Ecobank?

The Ecobank USSd codes assist Ecobank customers to send money, make payments, load airtime, pay bills, and so on….How to Register:

  1. Dial *326#
  2. Select Create PIN.
  3. Enter your Ecobank Account as requested.
  4. Enter your debit card details.
  5. Create a 4-digit PIN.
  6. Confirm your 4-digit PIN.

What is the code for Ecobank Mobile banking?

What Is The Code For Ecobank Nigeria Mobile Banking. The Ecobank USSD transfer code for mobile banking in Nigeria is *326#. You can dial the shortcode *326# and make transactions on your mobile phone including deposits, withdrawals, and sending money to family and friends.

How can I check my Ecobank account number via SMS in Ghana?

4. SMS Method: Send “Nuban [account number]” to 0806ECOBANK (08063262265) from your registered phone number with the Bank. For example, text NUBAN to 08063262265, you will receive a message showing your account number.

What is Web code for Ecobank?
Remember: Always access Ecobank Online by typing the correct URL ( into your browser.

How can I use Ecobank token?

Take this token to any Ecobank ATM to make your withdrawal. Please note that this token is only valid for three days, and expires thereafter. At the ATM, select the Xpresscash option and you will be asked to supply the 8-digit E-token. Enter the token, and then enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.

What is OmniPLUS software?

OmniPLUS – a next-generation out-of-the-box functionally rich mobile and online banking platform with extensive functionality for retail and business banking including KYC/AML. OmniPLUS platform provides your customers with self-serve banking and payments solutions across all channels.

How do I activate my Ecobank transfer code?

Here the steps to follow and register for Ecobank Nigeria transfer code:

  1. Dial *326# from the mobile number registered and linked to your EcobankNigeria account.
  2. You will be prompted to choose the debit card linked to your Ecobank account.
  3. Enter the details to proceed with the Ecobank Nigeria USSD code registration.

How do I get my Ecobank mobile transfer pin?

Click on the Forgot PIN link on the APP, then click on call now for the contact center to reset your PIN.

What is the bank code for Ecobank?


How do I transfer money using my phone Ecobank?

You must have a phone number registered with the bank. To transfer money from your EcoBank account to any bank account in Nigeria, dial *326# and follow the on-screen command to complete transaction. The money is transferred and you receive an SMS informing you your transaction was successful.

How do I find my bank account number on my phone?

Use a mobile banking website or app to find the number online. Navigate to your bank’s website on a computer or open up their mobile app on your phone or tablet. Sign in and click on the tab to view a summary of your account. Usually, the account number will be listed on this page.

How do I check my Ecobank account balance on my phone in Ghana?

To check your Ecobank account balance, simply dial *326*0#. You must dial the code using the line linked with your account number and registered with Mobile money. The phone number must have activated Ecobank mobile banking service as stated above.

How do I create a USSD PIN for Ecobank?

How to Register:

  1. Dial *326#
  2. Select Create PIN.
  3. Enter your Ecobank Account as requested.
  4. Enter your debit card details.
  5. Create a 4-digit PIN.
  6. Confirm your 4-digit PIN.

How do I get my Ecobank token?

How to generate an Xpress Cash e-token?

  1. Launch your Ecobank mobile app and select Xpress Cash.
  2. Select where the recipient will collect the cash – an Ecobank ATM or an Xpress agent point.
  3. Follow the instructions to generate the 8-digit number, or e-token.

What is cardless token?

The Ecobank cardless withdrawal concept, Xpress Cash, enables users to withdraw cash from ATMs using only a mobile phone, no ATM card is required. The solution is seamless, secure and is driven by the generation of a code (e-token) by an account holder via the bank’s USSD code *326# or mobile app, Ecobank Mobile.

How can I withdraw money from Ecobank without ATM?

Find an Ecobank ATM and select the “Cardless Withdrawal” option. Enter the e-token number you’ve generated on your phone. Enter the desired amount. Press the “enter” button and collect your cash!

Does FIS have a pension?

FIS has a great retirement plan.

What is Ecobank transfer code?

The Ecobank transfer code is *326#. This USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code gives a customer numerous options related to the usage or transfer of funds from their Ecobank account.

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