How accurate is the aviators wife?

It is not true. Not only is it fiction, but the author has deliberately altered the past, ignored facts that didn’t fit her profile and has changed the image of a famous 20th Century individual; then she tried to excuse it all by saying, Oh, by the way, this is “Historical Fiction” so I can do as I want.

What is the aviators wife about?

Vivid and mesmerizing, The Aviator’s Wife takes us behind the scenes and into the heart of the woman who loved and married Charles Lindbergh. That was her destiny—a life that took her soaring into the skies and then plunged her to earth, a story of both triumph and pain that will take your breath away.”

Is’the aviator’s wife’a good book for a book club?

I eagerly awaited the arrival of ‘The Aviator’s Wife’ by Melanie Benjamin, it sounded like a great book that might be perfect for my book club. We generally like books with strong female protagonists that examine women’s issues. I’d never read anything about the Lindbergh’s but I enjoy fiction set during the 1920s which is when this story begins.

Is the aviator’s wife based on a true story?

The Aviator’s Wife is really about the strength the real Anne exhibited to the world, the courage and fortitude that kept her and Charles together even as the most private moments of their lives graced headlines around the globe. Fiction though it is, Benjamin’s work really captured that.

Why did Anne Lindbergh write the wave of the future?

Lindbergh forbids her to express grief after the murder of their son, to him as well as to the public. In 1940, at his behest, she writes “The Wave of the Future,” an attempt to explain her husband’s isolationist views.

Did Charles and Anne Lindbergh fly to New York?

They made a one-stop flight to New York in record time. Anne Morrow Lindbergh and her aviator husband, Charles, attracted attention on an order comparable to that garnered by Princess Diana.

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