Does Fred Durst children?

Adriana Durst
Dallas Durst
Fred Durst/Children
Personal life. Durst has a daughter named Adriana Durst. She was born on June 3, 1990, to Durst and his then-wife Rachel Tergesen. He also has a son named Dallas (born August 30, 2001) with ex-girlfriend, actress Jennifer Thayer.

Is Fred Durst part of the Durst family?

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has clarified that he is not the same person as US murder suspect Robert Durst.

Who are Fred Durst’s parents?

Anita DurstFred Durst / Parents

Who is Fred Dursts father?

There was a collective shudder earlier this week when the name “Durst” was trending on Twitter, but thankfully Fred Durst is seemingly alive and well; however Robert Durst — the 78-year-old real estate heir and convicted murderer with whom the Limp Bizkit frontman shares a surname — died on Monday (January 10), and now …

Are Will Durst and Robert Durst related?

Robert Alan Durst (April 12, 1943 – January 10, 2022) was an American real estate heir….

Robert Durst
Education Lehigh University (BA)
Spouse(s) Kathie McCormack ​ ​ ( m. 1973⁠–⁠1982)​ Debrah Charatan ​ ( m. 2000)​
Parent(s) Seymour Durst Bernice Herstein
Relatives Douglas Durst (brother) Joseph Durst (grandfather)

What happened limp biscuits?

Since the official Limp Bizkit hiatus in 2005, its members have been busy. Fred Durst has a burgeoning film career and had a well-received role in the movie Population 436. He was also involved in the business end of the music business as an A&R rep for the band’s label, Interscope.

Does Durst have siblings?

Douglas Durst
Wendy Durst KreegerThomas Durst
Robert Durst/Siblings

What ruined Limp Bizkit?

Two distinct things happened that caused the ‘fall’ of Limp Bizkit. The first was that the whole rock/rap novelty wore itself out almost as quickly as it began. The second catalyst was a bigger death blow than the first. In 2001, Borland, considered by some to be the creative genius of the band, left the group.

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