Who won the decathlon 1976?

Caitlyn Jenner
On July 30, 1976, American Caitlyn Jenner—who was competing as Bruce Jenner—wins gold in the men’s decathlon at the Montreal Olympics. Jenner’s 8,617 points set a world record in the event. The secret to Jenner’s success was preparation.

Who swam in the 1976 Olympics?

Men’s events

Games Gold Silver
200 m freestyle Bruce Furniss United States 1:50.50
400 m freestyle Brian Goodell United States 3:52.54
1500 m freestyle Brian Goodell United States 15:03.91
100 m backstroke John Naber United States 56.34

How did Doc Counsilman change swimming?

Despite that success, Counsilman hoped to be remembered mainly for his scientific contributions. While in his 20’s, he rejected the principle that a swimmer should pull his arms straight back through the water. He contended that the swimmer would go faster with a bent elbow and revolutionized the sport.

How much did it cost to host the 1976 Olympics?

The Oxford Olympics Study estimates the outturn cost of the Montreal 1976 Summer Olympics at USD 6. 1 billion in 2015-dollars and cost overrun at 720% in real terms. This includes sports-related costs only, that is, (i) operational costs incurred by the organizing committee for the purpose of staging the Games, e. g.

What kind of film is harvest 3000 years?

For the production of Mirt Sost Shi Amit ( Harvest: 3,000 Years) Gerima returned to his native Ethiopia to produce the tale of a poor peasant family who eke out an existence within a brutal, exploitative, and feudal system of labor. Harvest: 3,000 Years was shot on black and white 16mm film.

Where was the opening ceremony of the 1976 Olympic Games held?

The opening ceremony of the 1976 Summer Olympic Games was held at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec on Saturday, July 17, 1976, in front of an audience of some 73,000 in the stadium and an estimated half billion watching on television.

Who carried the Olympic torch at the Olympic Games?

Another trumpet fanfare announced the arrival of the Olympic Flame. The torch was carried by 15-year-olds Stéphane Préfontaine and Sandra Henderson, chosen as representatives of the unity within Canada’s linguistic heritage.

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