Who sings the song Disco Inferno?

The TrammpsDisco Inferno / ArtistThe Trammps are an American disco and soul band, who were based in Philadelphia and were one of the first disco bands.
The band’s first major success was their 1972 cover version of “Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart”, while the first disco track they released was “Love Epidemic” in 1973. Wikipedia

Who Wrote Disco Inferno by The Trammps?

Ron Kersey
Leroy Green
Disco Inferno/Composers

Where did burn baby burn come from?

DEL BARCO: `Burn Baby Burn’ was the slogan associated with 1965 Watts riots in Los Angeles, though it originated from a deejay in LA, the Magnificent Montague. Fredrika Newton said the foundation she heads got the rights to use the phrase.

Who produced disco inferno?

Dangerous LLC
Disco Inferno (50 Cent song)

“Disco Inferno”
Label Shady Aftermath Interscope Universal
Songwriter(s) C. Jackson T. Crawford P. Pitts
Producer(s) Dangerous LLC
50 Cent singles chronology

Where are the tramps from?

Philadelphia, PAThe Trammps / Origin

Do bones burn?

Bones are some of the most resilient parts of the body and burn at significantly higher temperatures than the rest of the body. Normal fires don’t reach temperatures high enough to burn bone.

Can a person survive 80 percent burns?

Some publications [2,3] have suggested that survival rates reach 50% in young adults sustaining a Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) burned of 80% without inhalation injury. Recent U.S. data indicate a 69% mortality rate among patients with burns over 70% of TBSA [4].

How did the Trammps get their name?

The Trammps were formed in the early ’70s, according to their keyboard player and manager, Edward Cermanski. Mr. Cermanski said the second “m” in the group’s name came from the days when Mr. Ellis and his friends sang on street corners.

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