What was Stephen Curry overall in 2K16?

99 overall rating
For 30 hours, NBA 2K16 honored Stephen Curry’s unanimous MVP selection by giving him a 99 overall rating in the game.

Whats the best 2K ever?

1. NBA 2K11. It is only fitting that NBA 2K11 had Michael Jordan on the cover because it was the GOAT of NBA 2K. The game hit a big turning point, including the Chicago Bulls legend on the cover after he had been absent as a playable character for a few years.

What was the first 2K Steph Curry was in?

Also Read: How many rings does Stephen Curry have? He started off with a 69 rating in his rookie season (NBA 2K10). He was then rated 64 in defense and 78 in offense, but had an 81-rated three-point shot.

How do you play 2k like a pro?

So before you start lobbing air balls and fouling out, here are some NBA 2K20 tips and tricks to improve your game on the court.

  1. You’re never too good for 2KU.
  2. Get your shot timing down.
  3. Use block shot sparingly.
  4. Crowd the ball holder.
  5. Pick and roll should be your go-to play.
  6. Manage your AP in MyGM.

What is the most popular 2K?

5 days ago
The 15 Best NBA 2K Games, Ranked By Metacritic

  • 8 NBA 2K3 (89)
  • 7 ESPN NBA Basketball (89)
  • 6 NBA 2K11 (89)
  • 5 NBA 2K12 (90)
  • 4 NBA 2K13 (90)
  • 3 NBA 2K17 (90)
  • 2 NBA 2K1 (93)
  • 1 NBA 2K2 (93)

What is Devin Booker 2K22 Rating?

Devin Booker on NBA 2K22 On NBA 2K22, the Current Version of Devin Booker has an Overall 2K Rating of 91 with a Build of an Offensive Threat.

Is PS4 2K22 worth it?

It’s good. And if you never plan on getting a current gen console, I’d recommend picking it up. It’s a better all-around game than last year’s version. NBA 2K22 is a solid entry into the series and it does enough right — even on last gen — to merit the upgrade for serious fans.

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