What is the zip code for Farmington Minnesota?

55024Farmington / Zip code

What is the area code in Farmington MN?

Area code 651Farmington / Area codeArea code 651 is the telephone numbering plan code for Saint Paul, Minnesota, and the eastern suburbs of the Twin Cities. A dogleg portion also extends to the southeast along the Mississippi River to include cities such as Hastings. Wikipedia

What district is Farmington MN in?

Minnesota’s 2nd congressional district
Farmington is located in Minnesota’s 2nd congressional district, represented by Angie Craig.

What is the zip code for Rosemount Minnesota?

55068Rosemount / Zip code

What county is Farmington MN in?

Dakota CountyFarmington / County

What is Farmington Minnesota known for?

Paul metropolitan area. Farmington is home to three properties listed on the Register of Historic Places for Dakota County: the Daniel F. Akin House, the Church of the Advent, and the Exchange Bank Building.

What county is ZIP code 55068 in?

Dakota County55068 / County

What is the zip code for Inver Grove Heights MN?

Inver Grove Heights/Zip codes

Is Farmington a good place to live?

Farmington is a suburb of Detroit with a population of 10,563. Farmington is in Oakland County and is one of the best places to live in Michigan. Living in Farmington offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Farmington there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

Is Farmington MN a good place to live?

Farmington is a safe town and offers many extra curriculars for children as well as small town jobs throughout the city. If you like the loud annoying sounds of motorcycles, cars, and trucks this is the community for you.

What is the largest library fine?

The world´s largest fine for an overdue library book is $345.14 (£203.29), the amount owed at two cents a day for the poetry book Days and Deeds checked out of Kewanee Public Library, Illinois, USA in April 1955 by Emily Canellos-Simms.

What is library fine?

Library fines, also known as overdue fines, late fees, or overdue fees, are small daily or weekly fees that libraries in many countries charge borrowers after a book or other borrowed item is kept past its due date.

Which county is Farmington Hills?

Oakland CountyFarmington Hills / County

Is Farmington different from Farmington Hills?

To many people the main difference between Farmington and Farmington Hills is that one has an extra word in its name while the other has a downtown. There are other subtle, nuanced differences that local residents recognize but for the most part the two cities are eerily similar.

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