What is the moral of Heidi?

“It was spiteful Clara who dyed Heidi’s naturally blond hair a horrible blue, because she was jealous of her. The Swiss heroine was royally fooled by the German girl. The moral of the story: protect your blondness, Swiss girls!”

How did Heidi’s parents die?

Heidi: Her father Tobias died in a work accident, which was the last straw for Grandfather and prompted him to live in the mountain. Later, his wife Adelheid dies of illness, and Adelheid’s sister Dete acts as a Parental Substitute until she dumps Heidi on the old man.

Why did Heidi feel that she could not learn to read?

The actual reason is that Heidi’s friend, Peter, has told her over and over again how hard it is to learn to read, and Heidi doesn’t have enough belief in herself to overcome what she thinks is her own inability to learn to read.

What did Heidi put in her pocket?

The boy drew back his hand and shook his head. “What would you like then?” asked Heidi, not sorry to put the card back in her pocket. “Money.”

How did Heidi get the goat to turn back?

Heidi’s questions came tumbling out one after the other, so that her grandfather had only time to answer each of them with “Yes, yes.” When the goats had finished licking up the salt her grandfather told her to go and fetch her bowl and the bread. Heidi obeyed and was soon back again.

Why was grandfather not happy for Heidi?

Answer: Grandfather did not like Heidi’s arrival as when she wished him, he was not happy to see her. He responded to her rudely and continuously gazed at her from his thick eyebrows.

Where did Heidi make her bed?

Answer: Heidi found a large heap of fresh sweet smelling hay on the hayloft and she decided to make a bed out of it for herself. Then she asked grandfather to get her a sheet to be put over the bed of hay. He carried a sheet up to the loft and he found that she had already made quite a nice bed.

Why did grandfather climb up the ladder?

Answer. Answer: Heidi’s grandfather was worried that she will be frightened by the noise of the wind. He climbs up a ladder to look in the window of the hayloft.

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