What are the alternative dates for Australia Day?

The many different dates we’ve celebrated Australia Day

  • Australia Day – 30th July.
  • Australia Day – 28th July.
  • Anniversary Day – 26th January (NSW)
  • Hobart Regatta Day – 1st December (TAS)
  • Foundation Day – 1st June (WA)
  • Proclamation Day – December 28 (SA)
  • Australia Day – 26th of January.

Why are Aussie colours green and gold?

Green and gold were the popular choice to represent Australia internationally because the colours closely resembled those of our national emblem the golden wattle. It is not uncommon for the sporting colours of a country to be different from their flag colours.

When did Australia Day begin?

Australia did not become a nation until 1901 when the six British colonies united to form the Commonwealth of Australia. In 1931 the Victorian Government signed off on a proposal to make the Monday nearest to 26 January a public holiday called Australia Day, forming a long weekend.

Why we should change the date of Australia Day?

‘That date holds more significance to the First Nations people of this country, it is at its core an invasion day. Changing the date would allow everyone that calls Australia home, indigenous or not, to celebrate what we have now without disrespecting the experience of the past.

Why should we change the date of Australia Day?

What do the green and gold represent?

What is the official colour for the Harmony Day?

Orange is the colour chosen to represent Harmony Week. Traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect.

Why was Australia Day made?

Australia Day, holiday (January 26) honouring the establishment of the first permanent European settlement on the continent of Australia. On January 26, 1788, Arthur Phillip, who had sailed into what is now Sydney Cove with a shipload of convicts, hoisted the British flag at the site.

When was Australia invaded?

January 26 1788
January 26 1788 is the day Sir Arthur Phillip raised the British flag at Warrane (Sydney Cove) to claim the land as a British Colony. This day marks the beginning of a long and brutal colonisation of people and land.

How did Australia get green and gold?

History. The first Australian national sporting team to wear green and gold was the Australian cricket team that toured England in 1899. Their clothes were the traditional white, but the captain Joe Darling arranged for green and gold caps and blazers to be worn for the opening match of the Ashes series.

What is ‘green&gold day?

We’re turning Australia green & gold on Friday 30th July, in support of the Australian Olympic Team. ‘Green & Gold Day’ is for everyone. The athletes, the fans, the businesses, the schools, the young, the old and everything in between.

When is the official national day of Australia?

The official national day of Australia is celebrated annually on January 26 commemorating the arrival of British ships to establish the first European settlement in Australia in 1788.

How does Australia celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Different places in Australia celebrate the day differently. For example, Sydney has boat races including a ferry race and the tall ships race, while Adelaide celebrates with a parade, concert, fireworks, and a cricket match.

When is Australia Day in 2021?

Australia Day dates Year Day 2021 Tuesday 2022 Wednesday 2023 Thursday 2024 Friday

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