Is 70 GSM paper good or 75 GSM?

Hence the difference in quality. The great thing about good-quality 70 or 75gsm paper is that it has been made with superior wood fibre. It ends up as thick or even thicker than standard 80gsm paper, so it runs perfectly! Lighter weight, good quality papers are better for the environment.

What weight is 200 GSM paper?

Common Paper Mistake…

10) 67lb Bristol 145 gsm
11) 90lb Index 165 gsm
12) 110lb Index 200 gsm
13) 140lb Index 255 gsm

What is the best GSM for printing?

Most printing paper has a gsm between 60 and 120. 80gsm is standard. Anything from 160gsm is considered card. GSM is a good guide to quality.

What is 120gsm paper Suitable for?

It is often used for letters, compliment slips, forms and surveys etc. Better quality thickness. 120 gsm paper is a better quality option offering less transparency. It is good for professional documents such as reports, presentations, CVs etc.

What is 100lb paper in GSM?

100lb Text: 150 gsm: 9,10 similar weight: 10) 67lb Bristol: 145 gsm: 10,9 similar weight: 11)

What does GSM in 80 gsm paper mean?

Understanding paper weights with GSM. In printing and paper, GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter, and it’s a basic measurement to look at when you are choosing papers. GSM shows the weight of the paper, and in practical terms it is used to describe and understand the heaviness of a paper. The average copy paper in your office’s printers has a GSM around 70 to 80.

What is GSM in paper thickness?

90-120gsm. Everyday office copier and printer paper tends to be 80-100gsm.…

  • 130-170gsm. This type of paper provides the best paper weight for posters and the UV resistance.…
  • 200-300gsm. This range offers a nice thick sturdy paper with a weighty look and feel.…
  • 300-400gsm.
  • What is the weight of 200 GSM paper?

    Paper that is used in offices is usually between 70gsm and 80gsm, with 80gsm being the most commonly found weight. Some accountants and solicitors use heavier weight paper ranging from 90gsm to 120gsm for formal correspondance. Above 120gsm come various thicknesses of card with 160gsm and 200gsm being most commonly used for file dividers. Newspaper ranges between 45gsm and 50gsm.

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