How much does it cost to ride the riverboat in San Antonio?

General tickets cost $13.50 with discounts for local Bexar residents $11.50; Children ( ages 1-5) $7.50; Seniors * (Age 65+) $10.50; Military $10.50 (*Photo ID may be required for any transaction.)

How much is it to rent a boat at the Riverwalk?

Create your own San Antonio River Walk experience with a GO RIO charter excursion. General cruises cost $210 for 1 hour during peak time and $160 for 1 hour during non-peak times. Charters include a boat captain and seats approximately up to 40 passengers depending on the cruise.

Can you ride a boat on the Riverwalk?

A: Individuals do not need a reservation to ride the river boats. There are 3 ticket booths conveniently located at various spots along the Riverwalk.

How long is the San Antonio Riverwalk boat tour?

Choose your GO RIO Cruise experience! GO RIO’s 35-minute San Antonio River Walk boat tour connects you to the city’s culture, history, architecture, and timeless charm.

How much does it cost to ride on the River Walk?

$10.00 and the best money you’ll spend there. If you are there during Christmas the ride is awesome!!!! over a year ago.

How much does it cost to go to the River Walk?

free to
The River Walk is a public park and is free to visit. Boat rides, attractions, and other activities will have various costs associated with them. WHAT IS THE ADDRESS OF THE RIVER WALK? The River Walk is 15-miles long.

How much does the Alamo cost?

Admission to the Alamo Church is free and always will be but to provide a convenient experience, preserve the Alamo’s precious historic building, and reduce crowds, timed reservations are required.

How deep is the San Antonio River Walk?

2 to 24 feet
You may think it’s consistently shallow, but the river depth varies from 2 to 24 feet!

Is San Antonio River Dirty?

The San Antonio River’s main pollution problem is E. coli bacteria that collect on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete and wash into the river during storms.

What does it cost to see the Alamo?

How dirty is the San Antonio River?

Bacteria remain the largest single pollution problem in the San Antonio River basin, according to the San Antonio River Authority’s most recent Clean Rivers Report. Of the 33 stream and river segments in the report, 57 percent are officially considered impaired because of bacteria.

What to do in San Antonio Riverwalk?

Take a boat ride. One of the most popular ways to experience the River Walk is to take a ride on one of the various River Walk barges.

  • Eat at the restaurants.
  • Go Shopping.
  • Visit the Museum Reach section of the River Walk.
  • Take in a Show.
  • Visit the Missions.
  • Go Cycling.
  • Follow the River Walk Plaques.
  • Go Kayaking.
  • Visit the King William District.
  • How much is the boat ride on the Riverwalk?

    These boats circulate throughout the area, picking riders up and dropping them off wherever there is a GO RIO Shuttle sign. Go from one attraction to another, then hop on the boat for a relaxing ride to your next destination on the River Walk. Tickets are available on the boat or at any GO RIO ticket booth. Downtown Reach. One-Way Pass: $10

    How many miles is the San Antonio River Walk?

    There is so much to do, see, eat and explore along the river. Join us and come see what we mean. How long is the River Walk? The San Antonio River Walk is 15 miles long including the Downtown, Mission and Museum Reaches. How do I get to the River Walk from street level?

    What rivers are in San Antonio?

    San Antonio River Basin. The San Antonio River Basin is a widespread system of rivers, creeks and stream channels that drain an area of state land over 4,000 squares miles in size. Major basin watersheds include the Medina River, Leon Creek, Upper/Lower San Antonio, Salado Creek and Cibolo Creek watersheds.

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