How many courses are in SP?

Many Choice and Possibilities Choose from a wide variety of 33 full-time courses ranging from Aeronautical Engineering to Business Administration.

How long is a part-time diploma?

Featured Part-Time Diplomas Lessons are usually conducted twice or thrice a week over a duration of two and a half years.

What are the courses in SP?


  • Common Science Programme (S28) Find out more >
  • Applied Chemistry (S64) Find out more >
  • Biomedical Science (S98) Find out more >
  • Chemical Engineering (S70) Find out more >
  • Food Science & Technology (S47) Find out more >
  • Optometry (S67) Find out more >
  • Perfumery & Cosmetic Science (S38)

How does part-time diploma work?

Part-Time Diploma courses are designed for adult learners with working experience and academic qualification* such as GCE ‘O’ level, ITE qualification or WSQ Certificate, with the focus to equip them with the knowledge and skills to undertake and add value to jobs within a specific industry.

How many full-time diploma does SP offer?

30 full-time diploma
Singapore Polytechnic offers 30 full-time diploma courses and three common entry programmes.

What is SP known for?

What’s SP Known for? Apart from the location and facilities, SP is well-known for their engineering courses due to the wide array it offers. If engineering is what you’re interested in, SP is the school for you!

Should I take part-time diploma?

If you have a full time job with a lot of responsibilities that will not allow you to sit in a classroom, it is better to take a part time course. On the other hand, if you have a flexible schedule at your job and your supervisors allow you to, you can juggle a full time course with your job.

Is SP a good poly?

Popularity wise, SP is the among the top most popular poly with NP. SP is ranked 1st as it’s a bigger school compared to NP, and offers more facilities for students to enjoy. SP is also very well-known for their student camps that happen pretty often, some camps even require them to overnight in school!

Is diploma better than Bachelor?

The main difference between a Bachelor’s Degree Pass and a Diploma Pass is that a Bachelor’s Pass can enable you to get entrance into any university to study for a Bachelor’s Degree Course. A Diploma Pass will enable you to gain entrance into a university of technology or study for a Diploma Course.

What are the best part-time courses?

Best Short-term Job-Oriented Courses

  • Certificate Course in Finance Accounting and Taxation.
  • Advanced Certificate Program in Data Science.
  • Advanced Certificate in Machine Learning and NLP.
  • Advanced Certificate in Blockchain Technology.
  • Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication.
  • PHP Certification.
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