Why is my Visio file corrupt?

Microsoft Visio file corruption can be repaired using a variety of methods. You can disable the all macros and disable the add-ons. These macros and add-ons could be the culprit causing the problems. You can also reformat the file as an XML drawing and as a VSD drawing.

How do I unprotect a shape in Visio?

On the Developer tab, in the Shape Design group, click Protection. Select the shape attributes that you want to lock, or clear the check boxes for the attributes you want to unlock, and then click OK.

How do I get the shapes menu back in Visio?

If you have not using Classic Menu for Office… Take Position for example, on the Home tab, go to the Arrange group at the right corner, and you can see the Postion dialogue box. Click Position, and you will find Auto Align, Space Shapes and Rotate.

Where is Visio AutoRecover file location?

The AutoRecover. ini file is created in the following folder: %userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\VisioThe AutoRecovery file that is created keeps information about the drawing files that are opened by an instance of Visio.

How do I remove shape protection container and or layer properties?

Answers. Hi, Try to select all shapes (Control-A), Developer tab -> Protection -> None -> OK. Repeat for each page.

How do you move shapes in Visio?

Click the shape, and then hold down the mouse button as you drag the shape to a new location. Hold down the Shift key, and then press an arrow key in the direction you want to move.

Why do my arrow keys not work in Visio?

Cause. This behavior occurs when the SCROLL LOCK key is enabled. In this situation, the arrow keys move scroll bars along the right side and bottom of a drawing window.

Where are my shapes in Visio?

By default, your My Shapes folder is located inside your default Documents folder. Then, open the stencil in Visio by navigating to My Shapes. In the Shapes window, click More Shapes, point to My Shapes, and then click the stencil name.

How do I restore a previous version of Visio?

View previous versions of a file

  1. Open the file you want to view.
  2. Click File > Info > Version history.
  3. Select a version to open it in a separate window.
  4. If you want to restore a previous version you’ve opened, select Restore.

How do you delete a container in Visio?

To delete a container but leave contained shapes Select the container, and then on the Format tool tab, in the Membership group, click the Disband Container button. Right-click any edge of the container, point to Container, and then click Disband Container.

How do I ungroup a shape in Visio?

Do one of the following:

  1. To group the shapes, on the Shape menu, point to Grouping, and then click Group, or press CTRL+SHIFT+G.
  2. To ungroup the shapes, on the Shape menu, point to Grouping, and then click Ungroup, or press CTRL+SHIFT+U.

How do I insert shapes in Visio?

With a drawing open in Visio for the web, select the Insert tab of the ribbon. Select Draw Shape, then select the shape you want to draw. On the canvas, click and drag to draw the shape. The shape is drawn at that position in the size your specify.

How do I stop Visio from moving objects?

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  1. Please back up the Visio file first, then open it.
  2. Go to File>Options to clear the Enable AutoConnect checkbox.
  3. Then go to View, click on dialog launcher of Visual Aids.
  4. On the General tab, clear the Snap and Glue checkboxes.
  5. Close and re-open the file to check this issue.

How do I turn on arrow keys in Visio?

The Scroll Lock key on your keyboard is enabled. To fix this issue, press Scroll Lock until your keyboard’s Scroll Lock light (LED) is off. This entry was posted in Visio and tagged Business Process, Flowchart, Process Maps, Use Case, Visio.

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