Why is my fan so loud Alienware?

Symptom. You may notice a loud fan noise or the fan running a high RPM when running CPU intensive applications like Furmark, Unigine heaven or while playing games. The fan speed may increase to more than 1000 RPM when the CPU temperature is higher than 75 degrees centigrade.

How do I control the fan on my Alienware?

To adjust your fan settings. Click on the Alienware command center (alien icon). Once open, click on fusion and you can make your fan adjustments from there. Click on thermometer, you’ll see Cpu, top, and front fan option.

Is the Alienware m15 R3 loud?

But for the most part, the Alienware m15 R3 keeps the noise level to a minimum. It takes a bit to get the fans really whirring and even then, it is not super loud. We recorded noise levels of around 45-50 decibels when stressing the CPU and GPU collectively.

Do Alienware desktops have good cooling?

Without increasing the Aurora’s footprint, Alienware has managed to decrease CPU temperature by 3%, increase NVIDIA GPU performance by 5%, and decrease fan volume by 16% while idling. Design-wise, the new Aurora desktop sports eight customizable lighting zones and comes with a white or black case.

Are Alienware desktops liquid cooled?

Alienware Area 51 gaming PC and Aurora gaming desktop feature Asetek liquid cooling to quietly and efficiently draw heat away from high performance processors, so as to allow you to game on.

How loud should PC fans be?

A 30db low frequency noise might be tolerable, but if it is higher frequency it might be annoying. List the case and any other cooling components you have.

What is Alienware fan offset?

Alienware’s Thermal Control Circuit (TCC) offset, accessible in the BIOS of both X-series laptops, overrides the processor’s thermal junction maximum by up to 15°C. This is an extra bit of flexibility that allows gamers to choose between peak performance and lower CPU temperatures.

Is it normal for PC fans to be loud gaming?

The only time excess noise is normal is during a period of intense gaming. However, some gamers overlook silence to keep the PC’s internal temperature as low as possible via the fans. By raising the speed of the PC fan to its maximum potential, the PC will become noticeably louder.

What does fan performance mode do?

Fan spins at full speed to support CPU operating at turbo frequency for a longer time. The fan noise is noticeable. Performance Mode: Fan spins aggressively to support CPU operating at turbo frequency for a longer time.

What is thermal in Alienware?

Do Alienware PCS overheat?

Symptoms experienced if the system is overheating: Random shutdowns or reboots. Computer locks up or freezes. Fans constantly run at high speed.

What does Alienware use for liquid cooling?

Alienware uses Asetek liquid cooling for cooling their Aurora gaming desktop and Alienware Area 51 gaming PC. This liquid cooling is meant to draw the heat from the processors for high-performance in an efficient, quiet manner.

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