Who was the winner of Bigg Boss all seasons?

Rahul RoyBigg Boss – Season 1 / WinnerRahul Roy is an Indian actor, producer and former model known for his works in Hindi films and television. Roy began his acting career with the 1990 blockbuster Aashiqui, a Mahesh Bhatt production as the lead actor with newcomer Anu Agarwal. Wikipedia

Is there Bigg Boss in USA?

Bigboss show not yet uploaded? Please know that we have taken rights to create the format show in Tamil but we were only given rights to telecast in India, we do not have digital rights for streaming the show outside India. Hence we regret informing you that ‘Bigg Boss’ won’t be available on US platform.

Who won 1st Bigg Boss?

Rahul Roy
Bigg Boss (Hindi season 1)

Bigg Boss
Winner Rahul Roy
Runner-up Carol Gracias
Country of origin India
No. of episodes 86

Who has won Bigg Boss 15?

Tejasswi PrakashBigg Boss – Season 15 / Winner

Can I watch Bigg Boss in USA?

You can now watch Bigg Boss in USA on Sling TV. You can subscribe to Sling TV Hindi packages like Hindi, Desi Binge, Voot, and SonyLiv to stream Bigg Boss in USA.

Who won the Bigg Boss season 1?

Rahul RoyBigg Boss – Season 1 / Winner

Which is the longest running Bigg Boss season?

Bigg Boss Season 13
The finale was scheduled for January, but seeing the popularity of the show, it was given a one-month extension, and it became the longest season. It became the most successful Bigg Boss season since the inception of the series….Bigg Boss (Hindi season 13)

Bigg Boss
Season 13
Presented by Salman Khan
No. of days 139
No. of contestants 21

Does Voot work in USA?

No, Voot is not available outside of India. Voot will detect your IP address and block you if you try to watch from another country. To bypass this, all you need is a VPN to hide your location, connect you to an Indian server, and then you can watch as much Voot as you want!

How do I get Voot Select USA?

Open the settings panel in your iOS devices, and search for the ‘iTunes and App Stores’ option. Select the ‘Country’ option, and tap on the ‘Change the Country’ option. Select India, and wait for the process to complete. Go to the App Store, and download the Voot app in USA.

Who won Bigg Boss 2?

Ashutosh KaushikBigg Boss – Season 2 / Winner

Which is the best Bigg Boss season ever?

Undoubtedly it is season 8, the best season in the history of bigg boss.

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