Who sang the song Auld Lang Syne?

Dougie MacLeanAuld Lang Syne / ArtistDougie MacLean, OBE is a Scottish singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. Described by AllMusic as “one of Scotland’s premier singer-songwriters”, MacLean has performed both under his own name, and as part of multiple folk bands, since the mid 1970s. Wikipedia

Who wrote another auld lang syne?

Dan FogelbergSame Old Lang Syne / ComposerDaniel Grayling Fogelberg was an American musician, songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is known for his 1980s songs, including “Longer”, “Same Old Lang Syne”, and “Leader of the Band”. Wikipedia

What year did the song Same Old Lang Syne come out?

1981Same Old Lang Syne / Released
“Same Old Lang Syne” is a song written and sung by Dan Fogelberg released as a single in 1980. It was also included on his 1981 album The Innocent Age.

What year did Same Old Lang Syne come out?

1981Same Old Lang Syne / Released

Did the snow actually turn to rain?

@ROLR I’ve seen a letter to someone who wrote him about this, and he replied that the snow actually did turn to rain, as it was a warm front that was causing the precipitation. General Comment i always hear song during xmas since it takes place during that time but its really a love song for any time of the year.

What’s the meaning of the rain at the end of the song?

To me, the rain at the end of the song is a metaphor for tears. She leaves, he turns to make his way back home, and he starts to cry. There was an error. Agreed. I have always maintained that the last line is Dan’s way of saying he cried as she left. His tears are the raindrops. Awesome song

Why does Fogelberg say the snow turned into rain?

The phrase “the snow turned into rain”, l believe ties to another song “Hard to Say” in which he asks the question of his love “why when it snows you cry”. Fogelberg is simply saying as he turned “to find his way back home”, he felt “that old familiar pain” and he cried.

What does snow and rain mean?

Snow, being beautiful (possibly representing the relationship back then) turning into rain-tears and saddness (also going bac 2 the “emptiness” line lyke trying 2 reconnect and so on). but yea. i always thought snow=the beautiful relationship they used 2 hve. rain=tears/saddness..

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