Who originally wrote the song Wild Thing?

The Troggs
Chip Taylor
Wild Thing/Lyricists

Who else sang Wild Thing?

“Wild Thing” is a song written by American songwriter Chip Taylor and popularized by the English rock band the Troggs. It was originally recorded and released by the American rock band the Wild Ones in 1965, but it did not chart.

What year did Wild Thing by the Troggs come out?

But if any other song warrants a place in the conversation, it would be “Wild Thing,” the three-chord masterpiece that became a #1 hit for The Troggs on July 30, 1966 and instantly took its rightful place in the rock-and-roll canon.

What genre is Wild Thing?

Children’s MusicRockBluesFolk
Wild Thing/Genres

Who covered Wild Thing by the Troggs?

The Troggs were the first to have a UK hit with a cover of it (No. 2 in 1966) , but a long list of artists that includes Jimi Hendrix, Fancy, Sam Kinison, X, Prince, Warren Zevon and, most recently, Bruce Springsteen have put their spin on its simple chord progressions and sweaty lyrical sentiments.

Who wrote The Troggs songs?

The song’s writer, Chip Taylor, cites the versions by The Troggs, Jimi Hendrix and X as his three favorites.

Where did the Troggs come from?

Andover, United KingdomThe Troggs / Origin

What is the meaning of wild thing?

wild thingnoun. Sexual intercourse. “Hey you two, I was once like you and I loved to do the wild thing” — Tone Loc (Wild thing).

Do The Troggs still perform?

60’s British Rock Legends THE TROGGS finally return to Australia this November to celebrate the Wild Thing’s 50th Anniversary by performing all their Greatest Hits – Wild Thing, With a Girl Like You, I Can’t Control Myself, Love is All Around plus More!

Does Funky Cold Medina mean?

Synopsis. The song tells the story of Tone Lōc’s experiences with “Funky Cold Medina”, a potent aphrodisiac in liquid form. At the beginning of the song, Loc consults a fellow club-goer who appears to be having more success with women than Loc is.


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