Who makes Bostitch?


Type Subsidiary
Founder Thomas Briggs
Headquarters East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Products Fastening tools
Parent Stanley Black & Decker

What gas is used in Paslode nail guns?

The fuel is a mixture of 1-butene and propane. The fuel cells are designed to last for 1,000 rounds each, which makes them desirable for heavy duty projects where thousands of nails or staples are needed.

What does Paslode mean?

PAcking Shipping LOading DEvices
Paslode is an acronym for PAcking Shipping LOading DEvices and was founded in 1935. The company develops and manufactures nail and staple guns; either powered by proprietary butane cylinders (in combination with battery power) or an external supply of pressurized air.

What gas is in Paslode fuel cells?

What is the difference between first fix and second fix nail guns?

First fix / framing nailers typically leave some dents in the wood, yet this does not really matter because the purpose of the job is not aesthetic, as the work will not really be visible. Second fix nail guns are used for the more delicate finishing work on site, such as door frames, skirting, furniture and more.

Is Paslode a good brand?

Paslode Brand They are reliable and durable products and are constantly evolving with changes in technology to meet modern building needs. The company offers a wide variety of guns from which to choose. They specialize in both the guns and the accessories, such as the quality fuels and nails that work with each model.

Is Bostitch made in the USA?

The BOSTITCH® manufacturing plant moved to its current location in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Is Paslode American made?

The majority of Paslode products are produced in the USA, they have four manufacturing plants there.

Is Paslode an American company?

With a history of “firsts” in the industry, they constantly strive to make lighter, more powerful tools. Paslode manufactures a majority of their tools in the USA.

How long does the gas last in a nail gun?

How does a fuel cell Nailer work?

The battery generates spark at the combustion chamber head which ignites the fuel/air mixture. This rapid expansion of gasses drives the blade down, which shears one nail off the strip and drives it in. The thermodynamic gas effect sucks the driver blade and piston back into its ready position.

Which nail gun is best for skirting boards?

brad nailers
Brad nailer: A popular DIY option, the two-inch nails you’ll find in 18-gauge brad nailers make them the skirting board nail gun of choice. Also available in 20-gauge, brad nailers are also the best nail gun for furniture making.

What degree framing nailer is best?

The best angle comes down to personal preference and the type of project. For framing projects that require the nailer to fit into tight spaces, such as between studs or in corners, it makes sense to have a 30- or 34-degree nailer, which provides the maximum amount of maneuverability.

What does Paslode stand for?

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