Who is year 3000 originally by?

James Bourne
Charlie SimpsonSteve Robson
Year 3000/Composers

Do the Jonas Brothers have 7 albums?

The discography of American group Jonas Brothers consists of five studio albums, three live albums, three soundtrack albums, two compilation albums, two video albums, two extended plays, and 29 singles (including three as a featured artist).

Who is the most famous Jonas brother wife?

Being a power couple doesn’t hurt either. Nick and his wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas have an estimated combined net worth of around US$70 million, making them the wealthiest Jonas couple.

Who is the fourth Jonas brother?

Frankie Jonas
Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas have another brother, a fourth brother- Frankie Jonas! Yes, the Jonas Brothers band didn’t include young Frankie, but the 20-year-old is the youngest of the brothers – and he’s already been successful in his own right.

Why did the Jonas Brothers Change the lyrics in Year 3000?

Since the Jonas Brothers mainly had a pre-teen fanbase, all the sexually suggestive lyrics were simplified – the line “and your great-great-great granddaughter is pretty fine” is changed to “doin’ fine” and “Triple-breasted women swim around town, totally naked” is changed to “girls there, with round hair like Star …

What are jobro fans called?

Apparently, the Jonas Brothers’ fandom name used to be the ‘Jonatics’. Although these days, the band doesn’t appear to have an official fandom name. [ Getty] 65 images.

Did the Jonas Brothers copy Busted?

One American Jonas Brothers fan tweeted: “I’m American and always knew this song was originally by Busted. The Jonas Brothers even admit it’s a cover and give Busted credit.” While another fan shared: “lmao we know the original version we just like the superior version.”

Does the oldest Jonas brother sing?

But, does Kevin Jonas sing on the new album? If you’ve been a JoBro fan since the beginning, you know that the oldest brother, Kevin, is not known for his singing abilities. In the height of their teen idol fame, Nick and Joe were the designated “singers” of their group.

Who is the most talented Jonas brother?

Although all three Jonas brothers have remained popular for various reasons, there seems little doubt that Nick Jonas has become the “most famous” Jonas.

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