Who is the chief meteorologist at WPSD TV?

Trent was named Chief Meteorologist in July 2020. Trent has one son, Hansen, and they are both big fans of the St.

Who is leaving WPSD TV?

Jeff Bidwell
PADUCAH — After 20 years, Jeff Bidwell signed off for the final time at WPSD on Thursday night. Check out Jeff’s goodbye message to everyone during his final sports cast, as well as his former co-workers and those he covered throughout the years sending their well wishes.

Is Jeff Bidwell leaving Wpsd?

Saying goodbye to Jeff Bidwell | Sports | WPSD Local 6.

Is Noah Bergren a meteorologist?

Noah Bergren is a meteorologist that can be seen on weeknights on WPSD Local 6 in Paducah, Kentucky, at 5,6,10 pm. Noah earned his Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology and atmospheric science from Penn State.

Is Jennifer Rukavina married?

Many of you have asked about Jennifer Rukavina – Meteorologist & Storm Specialist! It turns out, she and her husband Jeff Bidwell have been working on some newsworthy stuff over the last several months! The Mayfield Messenger reported on their recent ownership of Jeanette’s Mayfield Flower Company on Sunday.

Is Trent Okerson still married?

Happy Anniversary to you both and my husband and I were also married 17 years ago today! Happy Anniversary, Trent! Y’all are an awesome couple! Happy Anniversary!

Where did Jeff Bidwell go?

Bidwell graduated from Ohio University in 1998. He is currently the TV sports director in Paducah, Ky.

Did Jennifer Rukavina get fired from WPSD?

A little over two years ago, WPSD chose not to renew Rukavina’s contract. For the first time, she found herself unemployed. The company signed Bidwell a month before letting Rukavina go. “I felt stuck,” she said.

Where is Kaylee Bowers from?

Marion, Ohio
Meteorologist Kaylee Bowers is the newest addition to the Weather Authority. She is a Central Ohio native. After living in Marion, Ohio, the popcorn capital of the world, Kaylee moved to Athens, Ohio, where she received her B.S. degree in broadcast journalism and meteorology at Ohio University.

Who is Jennifer Rukavina?

Roll cloud ahead of thundershowers crossing Calloway/Marshall County line.

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