Who is the best NCAA football team of all time?

With only so many options left to choose from, let’s get to the best undefeated teams in college football history.

  • 7 Best College Football Teams of All Time.
  • 2005 Texas Longhorns.
  • 2013 Florida State Seminoles.
  • 2020 Alabama Crimson Tide.
  • 2019 LSU Tigers.
  • 2004 USC Trojans.
  • 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers.
  • 2001 Miami Hurricanes.

What was the best college football season ever?

1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers The 35-31 win at Oklahoma is considered the true “Game of the Century,” and Nebraska capped off the season with a 38-6 win over Alabama in the Orange Bowl.

Is Georgia the best college football team ever?

The regular season for college football has officially come to an end which means post-season play is officially on the horizon with Georgia sitting comfortably with the No. 1 ranking and an undefeated record.

Who was the first college football team to go undefeated?

Notre Dame has the most undefeated seasons with six, followed by Nebraska and Alabama with five each, then Oklahoma and Ohio State with four each….Every undefeated college football team to win the national championship since 1936.

Year School Record
1974 Oklahoma 11-0
1973 Notre Dame 11-0
1972 Southern California 12-0

Is Alabama football better than Georgia?

Since 1992, Alabama holds a 7–4 record over Georgia, which includes five post-season contests, including three SEC Championship Games won by Alabama and two College Football Playoff National Championship appearances split between the two teams.

Is Alabama better than Georgia football?

What is the worst NCAA football team?

OREGON STATE. Will the woman who left her kids at Reser Stadium please come to the field to pick them up?

  • RUTGERS. Ever since Tony Soprano disappeared,New Jersey has been taking it on the chin.
  • What NCAA football player has the most points ever?

    Lew Alcindor,UCLA. For three seasons 1966-1969 he was the most dominant player on the court.

  • Bill Walton,UCLA. He was a big reason that UCLA won a record 88 games in a row back in the 1970’s.
  • Christian Laettner,Duke.
  • Bill Russell,San Francisco.
  • Earvin “Magic” Johnson,Michigan State.
  • Patrick Ewing,Georgetown.
  • Danny Manning,Kansas.
  • Which NCAA football teams have the most wins?

    – Kentucky (129 games) As a whole, the most successful NCAA tournament team is the Kentucky Wildcats. … – North Carolina (126 games) The Tar Heels’ greatness spans generations. UNC is one of two schools with 50 NCAA tournament appearances (the other being the No. … – Duke (114 games) “It’s better than Rudy,” Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski said. …

    Which NCAA football game is the best?

    NCAA 14 is the best game in the series in terms of having player tendencies finally work the way they did back on the old PS2 systems…. NCAA 06 (PS2) is still the KING of all NCAA games IMO….Everything in that game was great at the time.

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