Who does Nick Lowe marry in Cruel to Be Kind video?

Carlene Carter
The video to the song was one of the first music videos aired on MTV, and is a combination of actual footage of Lowe’s wedding to Carlene Carter, as well as a humorous re-enactment of the wedding, featuring Carter as herself, Dave Edmunds as their limo driver, Terry Williams as the photographer, Billy Bremner as the …

What does the paradox be cruel to be kind mean?

To be “cruel to be kind” is to cause someone pain for his or her own good. The phrase is used by Hamlet after he has berated his mother for her infidelity to the memory of her deceased husband.

What year did cruel to be kind come out?

1978Cruel to Be Kind / Released

Who said I must be cruel only to be kind in Hamlet?

Polonius deserved what he got, but nonetheless Hamlet repents, and prepares to suffer the consequences: Polonius was punished by Hamlet, and Hamlet will be punished for killing Polonius. But when Hamlet says he “must be cruel only to be kind,” he’s shifting his attention back to his mother.

Is cruel kindness an oxymoron?

The common oxymoron phrase is a combination of an adjective and a noun with contradictory meanings, such as “cruel kindness, ” or “living death”.

What type of figurative language is cruel kindness?

What is an oxymoron? An oxymoron is also a noun that’s defined as “a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect, as in ‘cruel kindness’ or ‘to make haste slowly. ‘” So when contradictory or opposing words are combined, that expression is an oxymoron.

What type of figurative language did Shakespeare use?

Shakespeare uses many types of figurative language like metaphor, simile, and personification. Recognizing when his characters are speaking figuratively helps to understand what they are saying.

Is I must be cruel only to be kind a paradox?

In this excerpt of Hamlet by Shakespeare, Hamlet says that he “must be cruel to be kind.” This is a paradox because he thinks that the murder of Claudius will be good for his mother. Hamlet is talking about his mother, and how he intends to kill Claudius to avenge his father’s death.

What is the meaning behind Hamlet?

Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare around 1600, is a tragedy that explores themes of friendship, madness, and revenge.

Who is Nick Lowe married to?

Peta Waddingtonm. 2008Carlene Carterm. 1979–1990
Nick Lowe/Spouse

Is there a version of cruel to be kind on labour of lust?

The Labour of Lust version of “Cruel to Be Kind” has been included on many compilations of Nick Lowe’s work, including 1985’s 16 All Time Lowes, 1990’s Basher: The Best of Nick Lowe, 1999’s The Doings: The Solo Years, 2002’s Anthology and 2009’s Quiet Please… The New Best of Nick Lowe.

What station is cruel to be kind on?

^ “The Daily Cut: Nick Lowe “Cruel to Be Kind ” “. 98.5 WNCX. CBS. Archived from the original on 26 March 2017. Retrieved 25 March 2017.

Is Nick Lowe married to Carlene?

The song was accompanied by a music video featuring Lowe’s marriage to Carlene Carter . “Cruel to Be Kind” was originally written by Nick Lowe and Ian Gomm while in Brinsley Schwarz, having been recorded as a demo during this period.

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