Where is Treasure Map 3 in Red Dead Redemption?

Map number three leads you to the lake at O’Creagh’s Run, just north of Three Sisters in the Grizzlies East region of Ambarino. To get there, head directly north into the hills from Emerald Ranch. You’ll find the gang’s treasure – two gold bars – under a rock on the small rocky island in the middle of the lake.

How many treasure maps are in Red Dead Redemption?

There are a total of 4 Red Dead Redemption 2 treasure maps. These maps basically give the player access to a secret treasure. These Red Dead Redemption 2 treasure maps lead the players to some gold bars that have been stacked away by some gangs.

Can John Marston swim in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Yet, for whatever reason, the character can’t swim, which is both a technicality of the first game and a part of the character’s canon. However, it turns out Marston can swim in Red Dead Redemption 2, with one player catching the cowboy on candid camera [via TheGamer].

Can Marston swim in rdr2?

Should I buy the map of Maximo?

It helps if you’ve got fast travel unlocked. It appears that if you encounter Maximo and don’t buy the treasure map, or kill him and don’t loot it from his body, you should be able to buy it from a fence later in the game.

What does the Ancient Arrowhead do in RDR2?

The Ancient Arrowhead is a unique item that will make your stamina last twice as long when using the bow. This is a great item if you’re planning on doing plenty of silent hunting. Pulling back your arrow and aiming is a massive drain on stamina, so the arrowhead will be a welcomed item for all the hunters out there.

Is there any treasure in the Elysian Pool cave?

The treasure is hidden deep inside a secret cave, which is found behind the waterfall at a small lake called the Elysian Pool (it’s worth noting that this is also one of several Legendary Fish locations, too).

What happens if you decline Maximo RDR2?

The first map to the Jack Hall Gang treasure can be purchased from Maximo, a treasure hunter found on the ridge overlooking the river north-west of Flatneck Station and north of Bard’s Crossing, for $10.00. If you decline his initial $10 offer, he’ll offer to sell you the map for $5 instead.

Why is Armadillo curse in rdr2?

By digging through cabins and old letters, it’s possible to infer that the Strange Man – a supernatural figure who foreshadowed John Marston’s death in RDR – and his deal with Herbert Moon cursed Armadillo and brought about generations of suffering.

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