Where can I take my kids in Auckland on a rainy day?

Auckland’s Best Rainy Day Activities for Kids

  • Auckland War Memorial Museum.
  • Holey Moley Golf Club.
  • Auckland Art Gallery.
  • Snowplanet.
  • New Zealand Maritime Museum.
  • Odyssey Sensory Maze.
  • Stardome Observatory and Planetarium.
  • SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium.

What to do in New Zealand when it rains?

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. 14,077. Speciality Museums.

  • TranzAlpine Train. 3,452. Trams • Scenic Railroads.
  • Auckland Museum. 6,640. Military Museums • Speciality Museums.
  • Homer Tunnel. 548.
  • Nelson Classic Car Museum. 1,567.
  • Ruakuri Cave. 883.
  • Tantalus Estate Vineyard & Winery. 273.
  • Church Road Winery Cellar Door. 525.
  • What to do when it’s raining hard?

    5 Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain

    1. Slow Down. The most important thing you can do to stay safe in inclement weather is to slow down.
    2. Turn Your Lights On.
    3. Avoid Hydroplaning.
    4. Don’t Drive Through Standing Water.
    5. When in Doubt, Stay Off the Roads.

    What can toddlers do in Auckland?

    34 things to do with kids in Auckland these holidays

    1. Sky Tower. The epitome of Auckland, the Sky Tower.
    2. Auckland Zoo. Fun for kids of all ages, Auckland Zoo is the perfect activity for these school holidays.
    3. Stardome.
    4. Mini Golf.
    7. Butterfly Creek.

    What can you do on a rainy day with a baby?

    25 Rainy Day Activities to do with 12-18 Month-olds

    • Put baby in a blanket and pull them around the room.
    • Make a “snake” out of clothespins by clipping one to another.
    • Roll a ball back and forth.
    • Sing “The Wheels on the Bus” using animated gestures.
    • Play in the bath together.

    Can you still do the luge in the rain?

    Can I Luge at night or in the rain? The Luge is open from 9am – dusk daily and operates in almost all weather conditions including rain or snow. You can get up to date track information here.

    Does the Rotorua luge run in the rain?

    Not much stops the Skyline Luge from operating, certainly not a little bit of rain. It only adds to the adventure!

    What can kids play in the rain?

    Rainy Day Activities for Kids: 21 Ways to Play in the Rain

    • Sing and Dance in the Rain. Who doesn’t love singing in the rain?
    • Play with Water Toys in Puddles. Get the kids outside playing in the rain with some of their favorite pool or bath toys.
    • Catch Rain Drops on Your Tounge.
    • Rescue Worms.
    • Make Mud Pies in the Rain.

    Where can I take a 3 year old Auckland?

    Kids will enjoy seeing the wide variety of friendly farmyard animals, and the informative eco-trail through native bush.

    • Kiwi Valley Farm Park. Kiwi Valley Farm Park.
    • Lilliputt Mini Golf. Lilliputt Fun Zone.
    • Treasure Island Adventure Golf. Treasure Island Adventure Golf.

    Where can I take my kids for free in Auckland?

    43 FREE family-friendly activities to do in Auckland

    • Swimming and hanging out at the beach. Favourites include Mission Bay, Takapuna, Cornwallis, and Orewa.
    • Auckland Botanic Gardens.
    • Red Beach where we practice being ninjas hiding in Pohutukawa trees.
    • Fun Fest.
    • Park play.
    • Barry Curtis Park.
    • Western Springs.
    • Hart Domain.

    What can a 2 year old do on a rainy day?

    Rainy day activities for toddlers & preschoolers

    • Wiggly balloon activity.
    • Playdough balloon activity.
    • Balloon tennis activity.
    • Balloon soccer activity.
    • Photo puzzles activity.
    • Lacing cards activity.
    • Making placemats activity.
    • Picture shopping list activity.

    Can you go on the Gondola in the rain?

    Ride the iconic Skyline Gondola and Luge Here’s a little fact that not many people know; a little bit of rain doesn’t stop you from riding the world-famous Skyline Luge!

    Does body weight affect the Luge?

    Size Since luge is a gravity based sport, in general, it’s beneficial to be somewhat taller and heavier. The extra weight helps propel the sled as it accelerates downhill; but having said that, the extra weight needs to be lean, muscle weight as opposed to adipose tissue (fat weight).

    Can you go on the gondola in the rain?

    What to do in Rotorua when it is raining?

    The top 10 best rainy-day activities in Rotorua are: Walk around lake Tikitapu (Blue lake) Roll down a hill in a Zorb. Go Luging! Unwind and relax at Secret Spot.

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