When was the Red Wings limo crash?

June 13, 1997
On the night of the limo crash, June 13, 1997, the players, along with a Red Wings masseur, were in the limo when it veered off Woodward Avenue and crashed into a tree at about 9:30 p.m. on June 13, 1997, in Birmingham, Mich.

Is Vladimir Konstantinov still alive?

Konstantinov lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

What year did Konstantinov get paralyzed?

She would ask the nurses and doctors.” Anastasia was 8 when the accident happened on June 13, 1997. “What was lost is, the very feeling of the family,” Irina said.

What happened Sergei Mnatsakanov?

The date was June 13, 1997, the ugly date when former Red Wings defensemen Vladimir Konstantinov and Slava Fetisov, along with team masseur Sergei Mnatsakanov were involved in a serious limousine crash that left Fetisov with a bruised lung and chest contusions, Mnatsakanov paralyzed from the waist down, and …

What Red Wings player was paralyzed?

Wing Vladimir Konstantinov
BIRMINGHAM, Mich. (FOX 2) – More than 20 years later and the image of a mangled limousine still provides chills – as the crash changed the lives of former Detroit Red Wing Vladimir Konstantinov and several others inside. Konstantinov survived, but he’s paralyzed and has a lifelong head injury.

Is Vladimir Konstantinov still paralyzed?

Konstantinov survived, but he’s paralyzed and has a lifelong head injury. “These last 25 years, he’s been able to live in his own home with 24-hour care. He continues to receive daily physical therapy, occupational therapy and medical attention,” said Jim Bellanca, the family friend, and attorney.

Which Red Wing player paralyzed?

Vladimir Konstantinov’s
Vladimir Konstantinov’s fame is not protecting him from the impact of Michigan’s auto no-fault law. The former Red Wings star, catastrophically injured in a car crash just six days after his team’s 1997 Stanley Cup win, could lose his 24/7 home care soon.

Where is Sergei Fedorov?

In addition to his head coaching duties with CSKA Moscow, Fedorov currently serves as an assistant with Team Russia during the 2021–22 Euro Hockey Tour and will fill the same role behind the bench for “Team ROC” (read: Russia) at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

What does Fedorov mean in Russian?

The name Fedorov is a patronymic surname formed by adding one of the many Russian suffixes, such as “-ov” and “-ovic” to the personal name Feder. The name most likely comes from the Russian “feodor,” meaning “God’s gift.” It is also possible that this name was derived from the Old English “feder,” which meant feather.

Where is the last name Fedorov from?

Fyodorov or Fedorov (Russian: Фёдоров, masculine) and Fyodorova or Fedorova (Фёдорова, feminine) is a common Russian last name that is derived from the given name Fyodor and literally means Fyodor’s.

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