When was bimby born?

April 19, 2007
James Carlos “Bimby” Aquino Yap Jr.

Bimby Aquino Yap
Born James Carlos Aquino Yap Jr. April 19, 2007 Makati, Philippines
Other names Bimby
Education Brent International School (home schooled)
Occupation Host actor

Who is Miles Ocampo to Kris Aquino?

LOOK: Kris Aquino surprises ‘daughter’ Miles Ocampo on her 24th birthday.

Who is the father of bimby?

James YapJames Carlos Aquino Yap, Jr / FatherJames Carlos Agravante Yap Sr. is a Filipino professional basketball player for the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters of the Philippine Basketball Association. Known by his nickname Big Game James, he had played for the Star Hotshots for twelve seasons winning seven PBA championships before being traded on 2016. Wikipedia

Why is bimby so tall?

Bimby’s dad, James Yap, stands at 6 feet and 2 inches, according to Spin.ph. In a separate post, Kris readily admits that DNA is a big factor, but she also thinks there is another reason for her son’s growth spurt.

What is Kris Aquino height?

5′ 3″Kris Aquino / Height

How did Miles Ocampo get close to Kris?

On Instagram, Kris shared a video showing how she and Bimby surprised Miles with a cake, balloons, and bouquet of roses. In the video, Kris shared her birthday message for Miles, with whom she became close when they worked together on the drama series Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw back in 2013. WE LOVE HER!

Who is James Yap wife?

Kris AquinoJames Yap / Wife (m. 2005–2012)

Was Kris Aquino married?

James YapKris Aquino / Spouse (m. 2005–2012)

Is Kris Aquino a college graduate?

Ateneo de Manila University1992
Poveda Learning CenterColegio San Agustin Makati
Kris Aquino/Education

When Kris Aquino birthday?

February 14, 1971 (age 51 years)Kris Aquino / Date of birth

Is Carlyn Ocampo Korean?

Carlyn Ocampo, a Filipino member of the pop group Z-GIRLS that was launched in Korea in 2019, announced that she is pregnant.

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