When did bamboo earrings come out?

Door Knocker (Bamboo) earrings: Bold, statement-making, usually metallic gold earrings shaped liked door knockers, popularized in the mid to late 1980s. The earrings had been around forever before they became a trend.

Why are Creole earrings called creole?

The name ‘Creole’ was actually given to the style because it only originated from a very specific cluster of people African Americans. The Creole earrings were created as a form of expression that was inspired by their African ancestry.

Why do Latinas love hoop earrings?

Latinas have been adorning their ears with hoops for centuries. It’s part of our culture as a result of our African ancestry. My mom wore them, my older cousin Liza wore them, and many of my favorite artists like Selena Quintanilla, the ladies from TLC, and Jennifer Lopez wore them.

Why do Latinas love earrings?

For us Latinas, earrings are part of who we are as women. They are an expression of femininity that we embrace from when we are little, and I do not exaggerate when I say that I feel naked without them. Many times, people even identify us as Latinx by our earrings.

What kind of earrings are in style?

Read on to learn more about the most popular earring trends for 2022.

  • Hoop Earrings. Hoop earrings are a favorite trend that evolves from year to year.
  • Modern Pearl Earrings.
  • Colorful Statement Earrings.
  • Sculptural Earrings.
  • Mismatched Earrings.
  • Celestial Earrings.
  • Curated Ears.
  • Chain Link Earrings.

Who created bamboo earrings?

No one really knows who originated bamboo earrings and other styles of door knockers. The reality is that the first ones were probably produced super cheap somewhere in Asia and distributed through the Asian-American flea market system, kiosks, and open-air markets.

What does Creole mean on earrings?

Creole earrings is a style of hoop earrings that comprise of a hoop that has an inconsistent thickness and/or is elongated in shape. This earring style is most commonly seen in oval shaped earrings, however, there are times where you may come across a triangle or another shape.

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