What year was my Bersa Thunder 380 made?

380 ACP caliber made by Argentine firearms manufacturer Bersa, S.A….

Bersa Thunder 380
Designed 1995
Produced 1995–present
Variants Thunder Concealed Carry (CC) Thunder 380 Plus

How much is a Bersa 380 Model 83?

Selected Handgun Detail

Gun Value
MSRP: $288.00 $260.00
Last Update: 6/6/2022

Who made the Browning BDA 380?

FN Herstal
Browning BDA 380

FN 140DA / Browning BDA 380
Manufacturer FN Herstal (FN 140DA) Pietro Beretta S.p.A. (Browning BDA 380)
Produced 1976-1987 (FN) 1977-1997 (Beretta/Browning)
Mass 680 g (24 oz)

What ammo does a Bersa 380 take?

The Argentinian-made Bersa Thunder 380 is a small conceal carry semi-automatic handgun, chambered in a . 380 ACP caliber with an 8+1 round capacity.

What is a Bersa 380 Model 83?

The Bersa 83 is a double-action pistol chambered for 9x17mm Browning Short (. 380 ACP), and manufactured by Bersa between 1988 and 1994. It is a very popular pistol because it is compact, accurate, reliable, inexpensive, and an excellent choice for self-defense and concealed carry.

How many rounds does a Browning BDA 380 hold?

14 rounds
BDA 380 pistols have a magazine capacity of 13 rounds plus one in the chamber, for a total capacity of 14 rounds.

Does Browning make a 380?

380 ACP pistols. Similar to a full-size 1911, the Browning 1911-380 operates with a locked-breech recoil-operated system, which uses a much-lighter recoil spring than blowback-operated 380 pistols, making manual operation of the slide easy.

Where are Bersa guns made?

Bersa is an Argentine arms manufacturer, located in the city of Ramos Mejía in Argentina.

Who makes a 1911 in .380 caliber?

1911-380 Pistols – Browning.

Does Browning still make the 1911?

Not only is the M1911 still in production, the Browning short-recoil system is the basis for most of the autoloading locked-breech pistols made since that time, by whomever or whenever.

Is Bersa a Beretta?

In 1959 the first 22 Long Rifle pistol was commercialized, called “Modelo 60”, which later evolved in the “Modelo 62”, and based on a modified Beretta design, it sold extremely well. In 1960 the name “Bersa” was introduced, taken from the initial letters of the founders’ first names.

Is there a full-size .380 pistol?

Sized for concealed protection and comfortable control, the Browning 1911-380 Black Label Pro Stainless Full-Size Pistol makes an excellent choice for a variety of handgun shooters.

Is the Browning 1911-380 discontinued?

Discontinued — 1911-380 Pistols.

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