What is Whitewater Dam Release?

Enjoy 12 miles and four to five hours of Class II to III whitewater rafting. This is a fun, thrilling, and pristine trip that adventurers ages eight and up can do. While paddling over 17 rapids, scream, laugh, and have an amazing day.

What is the highest class of white water rapids?

class VI
The most widely used grading system is the International Scale of River Difficulty, where whitewater (either an individual rapid, or the entire river) is classed in six categories from class I (the easiest and safest) to class VI (the most difficult and most dangerous).

Where is Lehigh River?

eastern Pennsylvania
The Lehigh River, a tributary of the Delaware River. It is 103 miles long and located in eastern Pennsylvania. Parts of the Lehigh River, along with some of its smaller tributaries, are a designated as Pennsylvania Scenic Rivers. The Lehigh flows through valleys in between ridges of the Appalachian Mountains.

How do you release water from a dam?

Water can flow out of a dam in multiple ways – over a spillway, through an outlet or spillway gates or from a pipeline depending on the dam’s design. All dams have spillways that are designed to ‘spill’ excess water into the downstream river.

Is the Lehigh River polluted?

While the Lehigh River has pollution in its water like many other watersheds, it’s more often than not non-point source pollution, which means the source of pollution can’t be pinpointed to a single site.

Why do they release water from dams?

This is because most of the flood water entering the dam must be released downstream to prevent the dam level rising too high and risking dam safety. The main priority for the MDBA during flooding is to protect the structural integrity and safety of the dams it operates.

Where can I fish the Lehigh River?

The upper tailwater section of the Lehigh starts at Francis E. Walter Dam in the town of White Haven and reaches downstream to the Lehigh Gorge. From the dam down to Sandy Run, wild trout and holdovers can be caught, but most of the trout are stocked by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission.

Where can I paddleboard Lehigh Valley?

The Delaware Canal State Park will get you on the Delaware River or on Giving Pond, a 90-acre body of water that used to be a sand and gravel quarry. Today it’s a recreation area to enjoy kayaks and paddleboards, fishing, and birding.

Are there shad in the Lehigh River?

At one time, American shad were among the predominant fish in most major river and tributary systems draining to the Atlantic. Legend has it that the 109-mile-long Lehigh River boasted historical catches of more than 1,000 fish in a single day.

How old is the Lehigh River?

The Lehigh River has better water quality today than it has in more than 175 years.

What happens when a dam release water?

If the dam is allowed to release water from its reservoir, it will often do so only once in awhile, rather than in the frequent, small floods as are seen in nature. This leads to scouring and armoring of the riverbed.

Is there whitewater dam release rafting on the Lehigh River?

There is nothing like a whitewater dam release rafting trip on the Lehigh River in Jim Thorpe, PA! Have children that don’t meet the age criteria? You could also check out our Family Style Whitewater .

Where can I Go dam release weekend in the Lehigh River?

Please try again later. Come join us for a dam release weekend at the Lehigh River Adventure Center in Weatherly, PA on August 26th to the 28th, and take part in our annual Lehigh RiverFest. Book whitewater rafting and camp within a 5-minute drive to the scenic D&L trail in Lehigh Gorge State Park.

Why choose Whitewater Challengers?

Whitewater Challengers is a thrilling adventure The staff was right with us the whole time enjoying the ride and helping groups as needed. Highly recommend for the views, whitewater, and the kind and expert staff. Whitewater Challengers is the company to use! This was our first time whitewater rafting and it was definitely a trip to remember!

What is the Adventure Center at Whitewater Challengers?

The Adventure Center at Whitewater Challengers and our team of outdoor lovers are ready to guide you on an exciting white water rafting trip in PA or NY that you’ll never forget! Trips range from easy to exhilarating, so there’s a trip here that’s perfect for just about everybody!

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