What is the richest zip code in San Diego?

List of Wealthiest Zipcodes in Metro San Diego
Rank Zipcode Zip Name
1 92014 Del Mar
2 92091 Rancho Santa Fe
3 92037 La Jolla

What zip code is University city San Diego?

University City Boundary Map

Neighborhood Name University City
City San Diego
County San Diego
Zip Code 92122
Area Code 858

What is the most expensive area in San Diego?

1) Carmel Valley 

  • 2) Del Mar Heights 
  • 3) La Jolla 
  • 5) Point Loma 
  • 6) Rancho Penasquitos 
  • 7) Rancho Santa Fe 
  • Where is the most expensive real estate in San Diego?

    Here Are The 5 Most Expensive San Diego Home Sales In 2021

    1. 1 – 2983 Sandy Lane in Del Mar: $24.9 million.
    2. 2 – 311 Dunemere Dr.
    3. 3 – 17111 El Vuelo in Rancho Santa Fe: $22.9 million.
    4. 4 – 303 Vista De La Playa in La Jolla: $21.75 million.
    5. 5 (tie) – 5305 Carlsbad Blvd.
    6. 5 (tie) – 311 Sea Ridge Dr.

    What is the zip code for Rancho Santa Fe CA?

    Rancho Santa Fe/Zip codes

    What is the richest area in San Diego?

    The 10 Richest Neighborhoods in San Diego

    • Del Mar Heights.
    • La Jolla.
    • Rancho Santa Fe.
    • Scripps Ranch.
    • Sabre Springs.
    • Carmel Mountain Ranch.
    • Wooded Area.
    • Torrey Pines. In most cities, a median household income of $107,456 would mark a neighborhood out as something special.

    Is University City San Diego expensive?

    University City rent options are available all over the neighborhood in the form of either apartments or homes. The average price of rent in University City is $2,080 per month. Young people residing in University City attend campuses within the San Diego Unified School District.

    Is University City considered La Jolla?

    University City is bordered by La Jolla and Interstate 5 to the west, Miramar and Interstate 805 to the east, and North Clairemont and Highway 52 to the south, giving the community a triangular-shaped boundary….

    University City, San Diego
    County San Diego
    City San Diego
    Area code(s) 858

    What does UTC stand for San Diego?

    University Towne Centre
    Westfield UTC (formerly known as University Towne Centre) is an open-air shopping mall located in the University City community of San Diego, California built in 1977.

    What county is Rancho Santa Fe CA in?

    San Diego CountyRancho Santa Fe / County

    How does ZIP code 92122 compare to other ZIP codes?

    Compared to other ZIPs, 92122 has a very small percentage of people that did not graduate high school. The area has some of the highest percentages of people who attended college of any ZIP. ZIP Code 92122 is in the following school districts: San Diego Unified School District and Private.

    What churches are in ZIP code 92122?

    Churches in zip code 92122 include: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (A), Our Mother of Confidence Church (B), University City United Church (C), Lutheran Church of All Saints (D), University City United Church of Christ (E), First Baptist Church of San Diego (F). Display/hide their locations on the map

    What is The racial makeup of 92122 schools?

    The majority ethnicity residing in 92122 is White while the majority ethnicity attending 92122 public schools is White. 34.2% of students in 92122 public schools receive or are eligible to participate in free or reduced lunch programs. Avg Precip (In.)

    What is the ZIP code for San Diego CA?

    Zip Code 92122, San Diego, CA. Get all this data for every U.S. ZIP Code in 1 easy to use database. Map the boundaries of this ZIP Code and others on any map platform.

    What are the zip codes in San Diego?

    San Diego/Zip codes

    What is the zip code for Rancho Bernardo CA?

    ZIP Code 92128

    Post Office City: San Diego, CA (View All Cities)
    Neighborhood: Rancho Bernardo
    County: San Diego County
    Timezone: Pacific (8:47am)
    Area code: 619 (Area Code Map)

    What is downtown San Diego ZIP code?


    The primary downtown San Diego zip code is 92101.

    What is the richest part of San Diego?

    What is the best zipcode to live in San Diego?

    92014. #1 Best ZIP Codes to Live in San Diego Area.

    What county is San Diego city in?

    San Diego CountySan Diego / County
    San Diego County (/ˌsæn diˈeɪɡoʊ/ ( listen)), officially the County of San Diego, is a county in the southwestern corner of the U.S. state of California.

    What are the area codes for San Diego County?

    Area code 619San Diego / Area code
    San Diego is the seat of San Diego County, and area code 619 covers the southern half of the city and its suburbs while area code 858 covers most of the north.

    What area zip code is 92128?

    Zip code 92128 is located mostly in San Diego County, CA. This postal code encompasses addresses in the city of San Diego, CA. Find directions to 92128, browse local businesses, landmarks, get current traffic estimates, road conditions, and more. Nearby zip codes include 92127, 92064, 92091, 92074, 92129.

    What is the zip code for La Jolla California?

    La Jolla

    La Jolla, San Diego
    City San Diego
    Population (2010)
    • Total 46,781
    ZIP Code 92037-92039, 92092, 92093

    Where is 92101 located?

    San Diego, CA92101 / City

    Where do millionaires live in San Diego?

    1) Carmel Valley
    Residents expect a lot for their money, which they get in this neighborhood. Niche.com ranks Carmel Valley as #4 in Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family in San Diego. Moreover, Carmel Valley is ranked #5 in the Best Neighborhoods to Live in San Diego.

    What is the nicest neighborhood in San Diego?

    La Jolla. This coastal paradise is arguably the most prized location in all of San Diego.

  • Coronado. Each San Diego beach town offers a unique lifestyle, and Coronado is no different.
  • Point Loma Peninsula.
  • Del Mar.
  • Pacific Beach.
  • North Park.
  • South Park.
  • Mission Hills.
  • Where is the most affordable place to live in San Diego?

    The Most Affordable Neighborhoods in San Diego:
    Balboa Park. East San Diego/El Cajon. Chula Vista/Imperial Beach. North I-15 Corridor West.

    Where is the cheapest place to live in San Diego?

    These are the best affordable neighborhoods in San Diego.

    • Serra Mesa. We’ll start by discussing Sera Mesa, a diverse community featuring quite a few families and young professionals.
    • Normal Heights.
    • Linda Vista.
    • Mission Valley.
    • Downtown.
    • Chula Vista.
    • Lemon Grove.
    • There Are Plenty of Affordable Neighborhoods in San Diego.

    What are people from San Diego called?

    San Diego

    San Diego, California
    Demonym San Diegan
    Time zone UTC−08:00 (PST)
    • Summer (DST) UTC−07:00 (PDT)
    ZIP Codes 92101–92124, 92126–92132, 92134–92140, 92142, 92143, 92145, 92147, 92149–92155, 92158–92161, 92163, 92165–92179, 92182, 92186, 92187, 92190–92199

    Where is the cheapest place to live near San Diego?

    What is a 714 number?

    Area code 714 is located in California and covers Anaheim, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Orange, and Fullerton.

    What area code 872 belongs to?

    the City of Chicago
    The new 872 area code will be assigned only for new telephone numbers within the City of Chicago. Long distance rates will not change.

    What’s Escondido ZIP code?

    Escondido/Zip codes

    Is La Jolla a wealthy area?

    The Torrey Pines area of La Jolla is even more affluent. It’s actually one of the richest neighborhoods to live in San Diego with median household income of $248k and 55% of households earning at least $200k! La Jolla is known for more than expensive real estate.

    Where is the best place to live in San Diego?

    There is no question there are some wonderful places to live in San Diego County.

    Here’s a quick rundown of our list:

    • Carmel Valley.
    • Coronado.
    • Del Mar.
    • La Jolla.
    • Miramar Ranch North.
    • Solana Beach.
    • Torrey Pines.

    Why is San Diego called America’s Finest City?

    Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, San Diego is widely known as “America’s Finest City.” Famous for its miles and miles of white-sand beaches and amazing weather, the city offers an abundance of fun attractions for visitors of all ages.

    Is San Diego the best city in America?

    According to the study, San Diego placed fairly high in numerous categories, leading to the high overall ranking for America’s Finest City. San Diego’s rankings in some key categories: No. 6 in Number of Attractions.

    What is the nicest part of San Diego?

    Best Areas to Stay in San Diego

    • La Jolla -Best Place to Stay in San Diego for Beach Lovers.
    • North Park – Hippest Neighborhood in San Diego.
    • Ocean Beach – Where to Stay for Families.
    • Gaslamp Quarter – Best Neighborhood in San Diego for nightlife.
    • Old Town – Best Place to Stay in San Diego for First-Timers.
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