What is the CPT code for hysteroscopy with MyoSure?

In my practice, the physicians use the myosure to either resect a polyp, or a fibroid. If fibroid, 58561. FYI – It’s usually helpful if you put what you think the codes might be, to show your thought process so others can assist.

How do I bill MyoSure?

According to the Myosure company – Hologic, it is 58561. However, you may also have to bill 58558 depending on whether they are doing an endometrial polyp or leiomyoma.

What is a D&C with MyoSure?

What is the Myosure? Myosure is a device used during a “D&C” that removes polyps or fibroids from within the uterus. It is a very thin device that slides through the hysteroscope (camera for the uterus). In the “old days”, we had to remove polyps by firmly scraping the lining of the uterus.

What is polypectomy MyoSure?

This leaflet informs you about the MyoSure hysteroscopic polypectomy, which is a procedure to remove small lumps, such as fibroids and polyps, from the inside of the womb (uterus), the benefits and risks, and the available alternatives, to help you to make a fully informed decision.

Can CPT code 58561 and 58563 be billed together?

Guest. yes, I would have used both also due to the fact that the hysteroscopy procedures can be coded together since the semi-colon comes right after the Hysteroscopy, surgical; and the doctor stated that the endometrial cavity was resected (58563) and then resected the multiple fibroids (58561).

Can 58558 and 58300 be billed together?

Thanks so much. 58558 and 58300 are billable with no modifier needed. However, 58558 is billed when Hysteroscopy is done with D&C…otherwise, Hysteroscopy alone should be coded as 58555 only, and it would still be billable with the 58300 with no modifier needed.

What does CPT code 58558 mean?

58558. Hysteroscopy, surgical; with sampling (biopsy) of endometrium and/or polypectomy, with or without D & C. 58559. Hysteroscopy, surgical; with lysis of intrauterine adhesions (any method)

Can 58561 and 58563 be billed together?

yes, I would have used both also due to the fact that the hysteroscopy procedures can be coded together since the semi-colon comes right after the Hysteroscopy, surgical; and the doctor stated that the endometrial cavity was resected (58563) and then resected the multiple fibroids (58561).

Is MyoSure a Morcellator?

In 2009, the FDA approved a second hysteroscopic morcellation device—the MyoSure® Tissue Removal System (Hologic, Bedford, MA).

What is the difference between AD and C and a hysteroscopy?

A D&C (dilatation and curettage) is a procedure where the opening of the uterus (called the cervix) is widened and the lining of the uterus is scraped away. look for growths ■ end an incomplete miscarriage. A hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows your doctor to see inside your uterus and make a diagnosis.

What is the CPT code 58563?


Information in the [brackets] below has been added for clarification purposes. Codes requiring a 7th character are represented by “+”:
Code Code Description
58563 Hysteroscopy, surgical; with endometrial ablation (e.g., endometrial resection, electrosurgical ablation, thermoablation)

What is CPT code J7300?

HCPCS Code J7300 J7300 is a valid 2022 HCPCS code for Intrauterine copper contraceptive or just “Intraut copper contraceptive” for short, used in Other medical items or services.

Can 58558 and 57505 be billed together?

Accordingly, you are generally precluded from coding 58558 with 57505 because the CPT® description of 57505 specifically states “not done as part of dilation and curretage.” It may be conceivable but not very likely that an endocervical curretage (separate from a D&C) would be performed at the very same session as a …

Can 58558 and 58100 be billed together?

Can 58555 be reported with code 58100 (biopsy of uterus lining) on the same day during the same session? No.

What is the CPT code for hysteroscopic myomectomy?

CPT code 58561, is used to report hysteroscopy surgical removal of myomas. Both polypectomy & myomectomy are performed using hysteroscopy, a procedure that allows your doctor to look inside your uterus in order to diagnose and treat causes of abnormal bleeding.

Is MyoSure the same as D&C?

The MyoSure Lite device provides technical advantages over D&C. While tissue collection times were similar with both methods, the morcellator is guided by direct visualization whereas D&C remains a blind technique.

What is a Morcellator used for?

Laparoscopic power morcellators are Class II medical devices used during laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgeries to cut tissue into smaller pieces so the tissue can be removed through a small incision site (typically 2 cm long or less).

Is D&C part of hysteroscopy?

During a hysteroscopy, your provider uses a thin, lighted instrument (hysteroscope) to view the inside of your uterus. When performing a D&C to treat a condition, your provider removes the contents from inside your uterus, not just a small tissue sample.

What is a hysteroscopy D and C?

D&C (Dilation and Curettage) with Hysteroscopy are procedures that are performed together, these procedures are used to: Diagnose or treat abnormal bleeding from the uterus, such as heavy or long menstrual periods or bleeding between periods Remove polyps or fibroid Find out whether a woman has cancer of the uterus.

Is a hysteroscopy the same as AD and C?

Is a CPT the same thing as a procedure code?

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding is a standard, universal code that is applied to medical procedures and services for the purpose of patient records. CPT was developed by the American Medical Association (AMA) in 1966, and the codes are uniform codes that translate the same for doctors, hospitals, patients, insurance companies, and

Is the CPT code the same as the procedure code?

When a service or procedure is described the same by both CPT coding and HCPCS coding, the CPT code is used. When a CPT code includes instructions to add more information, a HCPCS code is used. There are 16 sections in the HCPCS manual. ADVERTISEMENT.

What is the CPT code for sinusotomy sphenoid without biopsy?

Surgical dilation of the sphenoid ostium is a minimally invasive approach to widen the sinus ostium without removing tissue. [ 7, 8] Sphenoidotomy is the surgical opening of the sphenoid sinus. Sphenoidotomy may be performed without (CPT#31287) or with (CPT#31288) tissue removal.

CPT® 58140 in part: Myomectomy, excision of fibroid tumor (s) of uterus, 1 to 4 intramural myoma (s) with whole weight of 250 g or much less and/or elimination of floor myomas. Click on to see full reply. Conserving this in view, what’s the CPT code for hysteroscopic myomectomy? 58561.

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