What is the best wood shavings for horses?

Wood shavings are a very popular choice since they are soft, highly absorbent and easy to clean out of the stall. The most popular type of wood used in shavings comes from pine and can vary in size from large, fluffy shavings to smaller, finer size shavings.

How deep should shavings be in horse stall?

Number of bags. (3 cubic feet) On average, customers apply 6 inches of shavings on the floor of the stalls to ensure a good level of comfort for the horse and an excellent absorption rate. However, if the stalls are equipped with rubber mats, less bedding thinkness is required.

What wood is Snowflake Woodshavings?

softwood timbers
Product Description. Manufactured using selected softwood timbers sourced from responsibly managed forests, our woodshavings are biodegradable, soft and comfortable and make a cosy home for your pet.

What is Laysoft bedding?

Lay-Soft is a clean, safe, highly absorbent and dust-free bedding especially suited for horses. The bedding has additional built-in insulation properties for keeping them warm. Not only is it a great choice of animal bedding, but you’ll also be using an environmentally friendly product!

How many shaves are on a pallet?

45-54 bags per pallet.

What is Snowflake wood shavings made from?

kiln dried softwood timber
Snowflake Supreme – Our flagship product and a leading brand in equestrian bedding. Supreme bales are made entirely from kiln dried softwood timber, this guarantees a naturally warm, soft and comfortable bed with a superb fresh odour.

How many bags of shavings do I need for a stall?

Startup with paper shavings is fairly simple — one bag is equivalent to a bag and a half of pine shavings, so two bags of paper shavings should be enough for a 10-by-12 stall, he explained.

How often do you change horse shavings?

Soiled bedding should be removed from stalls daily and replaced with fresh bedding. Soiled bedding may equal 2 to 3 times the volume of manure, depending on management practices. Each stalled horse may require the removal of 60 to 70 pounds of waste per day.

Is Aubiose hemp?

Made from 100% natural hemp, Aubiose is dust-free and perfect for keeping your hens or rabbits cosy at night. It is much more absorbent than straw and shavings and has natural fly repellent qualities, making it ideal bedding for hens, rabbits, guinea pigs and horses.

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