What is soak off gel polish used for?

Soak off gel nails are painted on but are cured after every layer using a UV light. This process gives your nails a more natural and colorful look. Compared to traditional nails like acrylic, it chips easily and is a bit tedious to remove.

How do you use Soak Off Color Gel?


  1. Prepare nails for UV Gel application vist www.shebanails.com for details.
  2. Apply thin layer of Simply Soak Off UV Gel Base Coat-Cure under lamp for 1 minute.
  3. Apply Simply Soak Off UV Gel Color of your choice, allowing gel to self level and gently guide gel to nail area.

Is artistic Colour Revolution gel polish?

The finish is super shiny, and unlike regular polish, Colour Revolution can last up to ten days. And don’t worry, all the new hybrid lacquer shades will match existing colors in Artistic’s Colour Gloss gel polish collection – so you can easily do matching manicures and pedicures!

Can you use soak off gel polish without UV light?

You can successfully use your beloved gel nail polishes without a UV light, whether you’re applying them on top of acrylic nails or use gel nail polish on your natural nails. Yes, these methods may take more time, and they might not be as successful as the UV light, but they still work!

How long does Soak Off Gel last?

around 2 to 3 weeks
Long-lasting They last a long time. Soak off gel nail polish can be worn without chipping for around 2 to 3 weeks and still look like they have just been applied. Because of its lightweight formula it has a natural feeling, is applied in thin layers and makes the gel polish very durable and chip free.

How do you use Artistic Color Gloss?

“The chosen Artistic Colour Gloss shade should be applied in two thin coats, ensuring that the free edge is capped on each coat and cured for 30 seconds. Apply Glossing Top Coat to finish, making sure that it covers the colour completely at the cuticle and sidewalls, and then cap the free edge.

How do you use artistic color revolution?

How to use: After preparing the nail, apply a thin layer of Artistic Color Revolution Reactive Base Bonder Base Coat. Apply 2 thin layers of Color Revolution polish. Finish with the Color Revolution Reactive Gloss, or Fast Dry Top Coats.

What is a reactive nail polish?

Reactive Nail Lacquer is a three-step system – which starts with one single coat of Reactive Bonder, then two coats of a Colour Revolution tone of choice.

What does reactive nail polish mean?

How do artists use reactive bonder?

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