What is Rwanda curriculum?

Five years ago, the Rwanda Education Board (REB) introduced a new curriculum for primary and secondary schools– the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC). It was a shift from mere acquisition of knowledge to emphasis on its application.

What is CBC in Rwanda?

It serves as an official document and guide to competency based teaching and learning, and also ensures that there is consistency and coherence in the delivery of education across all levels of general education in Rwandan schools.

Why did Rwanda shift from knowledge to competence-based curriculum?

In 2015, Rwanda adopted and commenced the implementation of a new curriculum. The rationale of shifting from knowledge-based to competence-based curriculum was to appreciate the skills, attitudes, and values in education rather than only knowledge.

What is CBC in education?

Introduction. Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) is where learning is based on the needs and potential of. individual learners under a flexible framework and parameters that move and shift according to. the learners’ demands.

What are 8 cross cutting issues in education?

The PRSP1 document identified eight issues as cross-cutting: technology, gender, environment, imidugudu, HIV/AIDS, employment, capacity-building and inequality. Each sector was supposed to incorporate these in their sector strategy [page 69 PRSP June 2002].

What are the challenges of competence-based curriculum in Rwanda?

Major challenges included the lack of teaching and learning materials, laboratory equipment and chemical reagents. Teachers suggested collaboration between the government and other education stakeholders to overcome the identified challenges.

How was CBC implemented in Rwanda?

The implementation of CBC requires continuous and improved competences, skills and knowledge among teachers. To achieve this, Bigogwe sector, with support from REB has established and trained a pool of trainers who support all teachers to acquire the necessary competences for CBC implementation.

What are the 7 competencies of CBC?

There are seven core competencies in CBC. These are: communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, imagination and creativity, citizenship, learning to learn, self-efficacy and digital literacy. The competencies are embedded in all the learning areas at all the levels.

What are the challenges of competence based curriculum in Rwanda?

What is taught in CBC curriculum?

Pre Primary Subjects (Pp1 and Pp2) Mathematical Activities. Environmental Activities. Psychomotor and Creative Activities. Religious Education Activities.

What are the advantages of the new curriculum?

The new curriculum provides teachers the freedom to spend more time on topics that students are interested in, with the flexibility to deeply explore connections between various disciplines.

What are the importance of the new curriculum?

A well-crafted curriculum serves as a reference to ensure that you’re on the right track. Its components are designed to develop concepts, from a basic level to increasingly complex topics or skills.

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