What is Outrec sort?

OUTREC adds, deletes, or reformats fields after the records are sorted or merged. INREC adds, deletes, or reformats fields before the records are sorted or merged. so that performance will be improved SORT OUTREC Example JCL.

What is Inrec overlay in sort?

INREC OVERLAY operation is used in order to rewrite data in input file before copying to output.

What is carriage control character in Cobol?

The carriage control character acts as a vertical tab command to position the paper at the start of a new page, at a specified line on the page, or to control skipping to the next line. The characters can be one of two types: ANSI carriage control or machine carriage control.

What is Outrec?

The OUTREC control statement allows you to reformat the input records after they are sorted, merged or copied. The OUTREC control statement supports a wide variety of parsing, editing, and reformatting tasks, including: The use of fixed position/length fields or variable position/length fields.

What is trailer in JCL?

trailers are used for report, page, and section summaries. You can use them, for example, to provide totals for columns of numeric data (“ Totaling and Subtotaling Data”) or to indicate the end of a section with, say, a string of asterisks or to provide a list of abbreviations used in the report.

What is UFF in SORT JCL?

UFF stands for unsigned free form and M11 would tell SORT to use leading zeros, e.g. 27 would be displayed as ‘0000000027’.

What is ANSI carriage control character?

How do you use Outrec?

You can create the reformatted OUTREC records in one of the following ways using unedited, edited, or converted input fields.

  4. IFTHEN clauses:
  5. PARSE:
  6. Example 1: Formating a file(USING OUTREC)
  8. SORT JCL:

What is M11 in SORT?

M11 is a pattern for showing integers with leading zeros. A 9-byte (LENGTH=9) edited numeric value produced by transforming the ZD value in bytes 3 through 6 according to the pattern for integer values with thousands separators commonly used in that country.

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