What is kelch gene?

Abstract. The Kelch-like (KLHL) gene family encodes a group of proteins that generally possess a BTB/POZ domain, a BACK domain, and five to six Kelch motifs. BTB domains facilitate protein binding and dimerization.

What is a Kelch domain?

Kelch proteins (and Kelch-like proteins) are a widespread group of proteins that contain multiple Kelch motifs. The kelch domain generally occurs as a set of five to seven kelch tandem repeats that form a β-propeller tertiary structure.

What is PfK13?

Mutations in the Plasmodium falciparum Kelch 13 (PfK13) protein are associated with artemisinin resistance. PfK13 is essential for asexual erythrocytic development, but its function is not known. We tagged the PfK13 protein with green fluorescent protein in P.

What is the significance of the repeated kelch motif?

The repeated kelch motifs predict a conserved tertiary structure, a β-propeller. This module appears in many different polypeptide contexts and contains multiple potential protein–protein contact sites. Members of this growing superfamily are present throughout the cell and extracellularly and have diverse activities.

What is the structure of a kelch repeat?

Structure. Each kelch repeat forms a “blade” of the β-propeller fold, consisting of a four-stranded antiparallel β-sheet secondary structure, arranged radially around a central axis, packed onto its adjoining repeats via hydrophobic contacts. Kelch-repeat β-propellers undergo a variety of binding interactions with other proteins,…

What is the structure of the repeated Kelch sequence motif in galactose oxidase?

The structure of galactose oxidase reveals that the repeated Kelch sequence motif corresponds to a 4-stranded anti-parallel beta-sheet motif that forms the repeat unit in a super-barrel structural fold commonly known as a beta propeller. The known functions of kelch-containing proteins are diverse:

Does the kelch repeat domain rescue the disorganization of ring canal actin?

Although the kelch repeat domain is necessary and sufficient for localization to ring canals in kelch-null egg chambers, the kelch repeats alone do not rescue the disorganization of ring canal actin.

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