What is House Tax in Delhi?

Property tax rates in Delhi 2021-22

Category Property Tax Rate on Residential Property Tax Rate on Commercial Property
A 12% 20%
B 12% 20%
C 11% 20%
D 11% 20%

How is LED brightness calculated?

A handheld light meter is one of the easiest ways for photographers to measure LED brightness. A light meter reads light in terms of lux, or lumens per square meter. By calibrating the light meter against a darkened space, the meter can then determine the illuminance of the lighting once the lights take full effect.

How much is a lumen?

One lumen is approximately equal to the amount of light put out by one birthday candle that’s one foot away from you. To help you get an idea of the lumen scale, a standard 60-watt bulb puts out around 750-850 lumens of light. If you’re choosing bulbs for task lighting, look for bulbs with 1000 lumens or more.

How many watts is 1200 lumens?

75 W
Watts to Lumens Comparison

Power Light bulb Halogen lamp
25 W 230 lm 300 lm
40 W 430 lm 500 lm
60 W 730 lm 900 lm
75 W 970 lm 1200 lm

What is House tax in Delhi?

How House tax is calculated in UP?

Property tax = base value × built-up area × Age factor × type of building × category of use × floor factor. It is important to note that the amount of tax payable in the country depends on where the property is situated, as taxes vary from one state to another.

How is property tax calculated in Delhi?

The formula used for calculation is as follows: Property tax = Annual value x Rate of tax Where Annual value = Unit area value per sq metre x Unit area of property x Age factor x Use factor x Structure factor x Occupancy factor.

How can I check my property ID in Delhi?

Your property ID can be found in previous property tax challan/receipts.

How much is 2000 lumens?

A 2000 lumen LED bulb is equivalent to a 150-watt incandescent light bulb.

How many watts is 18000 lumens?

LED Parking Lot Fixture – 18,000 Lumens – 150 Watt.

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