What is GingaDaddy?

GingaDaddy is a free Usenet indexing site that also offers VIP accounts with features upgrades. They are considered as one of better sites out there for the number of files they have indexed and the easy-to-use interface that users experience.

Is Usenet still a thing?

“Yes, Usenet still exists, technically. In terms of active use, outside a very few limited newsgroups (mostly peers of technical mailing lists), it’s dead to today’s Internet users.”

How do I download from NZB?

Local Files – If you have downloaded an NZB file directly to your device you can select the file path and add it to NZBGet manually. Click on the “+Add” button. Navigate to the folder that the NZB file resides in and select it. Once the NZB file has been selected click on “Submit” and your download will begin.

How do I open NZB files for free?

Programs that open NZB files

  1. SABnzbd.
  2. Ilan Shemes GrabIt.
  3. rsbr-Software News File Grabber.
  4. NewsLeecher.
  5. DJI Interprises NewsBin Pro.
  6. Newsman Pro.
  7. Usenet Explorer.
  8. TechSono SuperNZB.

What is gingadaddy and how does it work?

GingaDaddy offers 200 days of retention and a maximum of 3 searches per day for free users. However, VIP users get unlimited premium searches. As said above, GingaDaddy provides two types of memberships: paid and free memberships.

Is gingadaddy’s free account worth it?

Although GingaDaddy’s free account is very limited, this would still be decent enough for users who are not heavy downloaders. You can choose to upgrade as a VIP member, which is at a reasonable price of $17 and gives this type of member unlimited NZB grabs and APIs.

How do I become a VIP supporter of gingadaddy?

You can also be a VIP Supporter by donating to GingaDaddy yearly for $25.00. GingaDaddy has a contact form available on their site. They remind members, though, to use their forum and FAQs for site support or reports. Make sure you include the browser you are using and which operating system you use when sending them a message.

How many API combinations can you get with gingadaddy?

A few of the API combinations you can get included NZBGet, Sonarr, SabNZBD, Couchpotato, and significantly more. Free account holders get a max of three API calls a day. On the other hand, VIP account holders get unlimited API calls each day. Before using GingaDaddy, you are required to signup for a free account.

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