What is Chuchundar?

The shrew is worshipped as the vehicle mount of the foremost god of Hinduism, Ganesha. Thus it is a taboo to kill a shrew among Hindus. In Hindi, it is called chuchunder and is mentioned in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book by the name of chuchundra as a nocturnal inhabitant of Indian houses.

Can shrews harm humans?

Are Shrews Dangerous to People? While it may be fatal for insects and small animals, shrew venom is not dangerous to humans. Bites may result in some pain and swelling, but are not usually serious. As with any type of wildlife bite, seek medical attention to avoid possible infection or disease.

Are shrews venomous?

Unlike most mammals, some species of shrews are venomous. Shrew venom is not conducted into the wound by fangs, but by grooves in the teeth. The venom contains various compounds, and the contents of the venom glands of the American short-tailed shrew are sufficient to kill 200 mice by intravenous injection.

How do I get rid of Chachundar?

Taking preventive measures to “rodent-proof” your home can be the best way to get rid of a shrew problem before it starts. Fill holes and crevices that could serve as shrew entry points. Closely mowing your lawn and removing brush will eliminate favorite shrew habitats and cause them to move to another area.

How do you Shood away rats?

6 Ways to Prevent Rats from Entering Your Home

  1. Seal All Gaps on the Walls. Rats can easily slip into holes as big as a quarter.
  2. Store Food and Leftovers in Thick Containers.
  3. Keep the Yard Clean and Garbage Bins Closed.
  4. Set Up Traps and Baits.
  5. Use Homemade Deterrents.
  6. Adopt a Rat Predator.

Is shrew a rat?

Shrews are often mistaken as rats in our urban setting but they are a different species from rats. They are usually found in or near gardens foraging for seeds, insects (such as cockroaches and crickets), and worms in leaf litter and dense vegetation.

What smell do rats hate?

So what smell do rats hate the most? Rats, mice and other rodents are repelled by many different smells. Here is a list of the most common ones that rats don’t like: Peppermint oil Garlic Cayenne pepper Penny royal Bergamot Oil Cloves Mint Rosemary Lavender Cedar chips Ammonia Pine-sol Oranges Onion.

Are shrews good?

The little rodent-like critters aren’t pretty, but shrews in the garden are generally beneficial. In fact, shrews are important members of the ecosystem and getting rid of them isn’t always a good idea. Shrew damage is usually limited and generally consists of holes they may dig in search of insects.

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