What is Chen superpower?

Chen – Lightning (Scorpion) 7. Baekhyun – Light (Sun)

Who is the last member to join EXO?

The last member of Exo-K to become a trainee was Baekhyun, who joined in 2011 through SM Entertainment’s casting system and trained for approximately one year before debut. Exo-M leader Kris auditioned in 2008 at a global SM Entertainment audition in Canada, later moving to South Korea for training.

What are the EXO members Powers?

Terms in this set (12)

  • Baekhyun. Light.
  • Chanyeol. Fire.
  • Chen. Lightning.
  • D.O. Earth.
  • Kai. Teleportation.
  • Kris. Flight.
  • Lay. Healing.
  • Luhan. Telepathy.

What is Chanyeol’s power badge?

Suho ~ Super Power (Badge); Water. D.O ~ Super power (Badge); Earth. Luhan ~ Super power (Badge); Telekinesis….About.

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Debut 2012
Leader Suho
Vocalists Baekhyun ~ Chen ~ Suho ~ Xiumin ~ Lay ~ Chanyeol ~ D.O ~ Kai ~ Sehun
Rappers Chanyeol ~ Sehun ~ Kai.

What is EXO concept?

Basically, EXO are superpowered aliens tasked with protecting the heart of the tree of life, their main antagonist is “The Eye of Red Force” also known as “the Red Force”/RF.

Who is richer BTS or EXO?

BTS vs EXO net worth It looks like EXO is the wealthiest group, as their net worth is estimated to be $1 billion. There is a massive difference between them and BTS when it comes to wealth, as the Bangtan Boys are only worth $100 million.

Why did Chinese members of EXO leave?

Citing unfair treatment and profit distribution, three of EXO’s Chinese members—Kris, Luhan, and Huang Zitao aka Tao—all left the group in 2014 and 2015. A bitter legal battle followed, with settlements reached only in 2016.

What is EXO’s concept?

EXO comes from EXO-planet and they have superpowers. The basic concept starts with there being two parallel universes that need to be brought back together because the evil Red Force (RF) has caused the rift.

What are EXO’s fans called?

The fanclub officially started on August, 4, 2014. EXO-L is the collective name for the fanbase, individually, fans are called Stars/Aeris. The fans used to call themselves EXOtics & EXOstans, unofficially.

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