What is Cell C email address?

Please use the self service options available and if you have an urgent query that you cannot manage via self-service, please email us on [email protected].

How do I file a complaint against Cell C?

cell c customer care helpline 135 – free call from a Cell C phone. 084 135 – from any other line, standard call rates apply.

Where can I report Cell C?

Cell C Business Sales Helpline

Can I cancel my Cell C contract?

Cancelling your contract with Cell C Customers are entitled to cancel their subscriber agreements prior to the expiry date, it said. “With regards to early cancellations, Cell C has introduced a reasonable cancellation penalty which is linked to the value of the goods supplied to the customer.

How do I lodge a consumer complaint in South Africa?

Complaints must be in writing and can be lodged directly on the ICASA website or a complaints form can be completed and emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 012 568 3444.

How do I cancel my Cell C contract via email?

What’s the Email Address to Cancel your CellC Contract? The Cell C contract cancellation email address is [email protected].

Can I just stop paying my phone bill?

If you just quit paying, your service will first get suspended and eventually cancelled. You will still have to pay for the phone plus whatever other charges you didn’t pay. As noted above, your credit will likely also get ruined.

How can I boost my Cell C signal?

Cell C mobile hot spot routers use 3G & 4G LTE signals, and that’s what signal boosters do: enhance 3G & 4G LTE signal! From any Wireless Internet router, it’ll get better signal and speeds, especially if the Cell C 4G router has an external antenna port that can directly connect to the Cell C signal booster.

What is consumer email address?

What is a Consumer Email List? A Consumer email list is an email address list of people with personal email addresses (ex. [email protected]). The list includes: Full Name + Physical Mailing Address + Email Address.

How do I cancel my Cell C contract online?

How to cancel a Cell C Contract

  1. Goto Cell C website www.cellc.co.za.
  2. Login your details.
  3. On the dashboard, go to Current Contracts, and Subscriptions.
  4. Click On Contract.
  5. Select Cancel.

How long does an unpaid phone bill stay on your credit?

Though you might not think of it a debt, a delinquent phone bill can harm your credit score. However, like most other debt, it won’t stay on your credit report forever. Instead, your ate payment says on your credit report for seven years. After that, it falls off your report and no longer affects your credit score.

How do you fight a collection?

When It’s Not Your Debt

  1. Write a letter disputing the debt. You have 30 days after receiving a collection notice to dispute a debt in writing.
  2. Dispute the debt on your credit report.
  3. Lodge a complaint.
  4. Respond to a lawsuit.
  5. Hire an attorney.
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