What is a pintxo in Spanish?

pintxo, (Basque: “spike”) Spanish pincho, an appetizer similar to tapas (although more typically served on top of bread), especially common in Spain’s northern Basque Country. They are often served with a skewer or toothpick, hence the name.

What is a Ruta de Pintxo?

It is common to do a ruta de pintxos, where you hop from one place to another to have a drink and a pintxo. That way, you get to try a lot of things! A Spanish tradition on birthdays is that the person whose birthday it is pays for drinks.

What are pintxos San Sebastian?

With all the delicious Spanish food you can have in this city, the one dish that perhaps best represents San Sebastian food is the humble pintxo (or pincho). Similar to tapas, it refers to a family of small bar snacks that are typically skewered onto a piece of bread with a toothpick.

Where did pintxos originate?

SpainPincho / Origin
Pintxos originated in San Sebástian To make it easier for their clients and to keep them together, they speared them with wooden cocktail sticks. In the 1940s, the trend spread to other Basque cities such as Bilbao, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Pamplona.

What is the difference between pintxos and tapas?

The Spanish dictionary defines a pincho like ‘a portion of food served, sometimes with a cocktail stick, as an aperitif’. The word “pincho” comes from the verb “to pinchar” which means “to pierce”. A tapa is normally just a smaller sized portion of a main dish, served in a plate, which you eat with cutlery.

How do you order a pintxo?

How to order pintxos like a local

  1. Find a spot to stand. Pintxos are traditionally eaten stood up at tables or at the bar.
  2. Order one or two pintxos per person.
  3. Don’t overthink it.
  4. Throw your napkin on the floor.
  5. Help yourself.
  6. Pay when you leave.
  7. Move around.

Are pintxos free?

Unfortunately, you won’t get a free pintxo anywhere. Although not very expensive, pintxos are always paid for.

Who invented pintxos?

Pintxos originated in San Sebástian The trend reached the Basque Country in the 1930s, particularly in the foodie capital of Spain – San Sebástian – when the invention of pintxos occurred.

What is the difference between pinchos and tapas?

What are Raciones?

A racion – literally a portion in English- is a dish that is big enough to be shared with your friends. Sometimes the dishes offered as a racion (or raciones in plural) are not always displayed on the bar but on the menu and they are prepared fresh.

Who invented pinchos?

What is the difference between tapas and pinchos?

A tapa is normally just a smaller sized portion of a main dish, served in a plate, which you eat with cutlery. The pincho is normally served on a piece of bread or other, served usually with a cocktail stick which you can eat in one or two bites.

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What is a pincho?

Pinchos are used as an excuse for socializing. Typically, a group of friends will go from one tavern to another, drinking small glasses of wine or beer and eating pinchos.

What is the difference between a pincho and a tapa?

It is not impossible, however, to have the same item called “pincho” in one place and “tapa” in another. They are called pinchos because many of them have a pincho (Spanish for spike ), typically a toothpick —or a skewer for the larger varieties— through them.

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