What is a CUNY Heo?

HEO Professional Development Fund: HEOs may apply for funding that supports the development of skills and resources necessary to the professional duties of an applicant’s position at CUNY. Up to $3,000 may be awarded per year as per article 33.5 of the PSC-CUNY contract.

How do salary steps work at CUNY?

Understanding Salary Steps Employees are placed laterally on the appropriate step of the schedule on the date the salary increase goes into effect. “Movement within Schedule” is movement from one schedule step to the next higher step of the same schedule.

How much do adjuncts make at CUNY?

The typical CUNY (City University of New York) Adjunct Faculty salary is $76 per hour. Adjunct Faculty salaries at CUNY (City University of New York) can range from $17 – $82 per hour.

How much does a tenured professor make at CUNY?

Salary Schedules for Full-Time Faculty and Research Series

$128,485 $131,055 $133,676
*For Distinguished Professors, $28,594 per year is added to the base salary.
4/20/2017 10/1/2018 10/31/2019

How much does a tenured Professor make at CUNY?

How much do CUNY presidents make?

For college presidents at CUNY, the former maximums were approximately $244,000 to $299,000. The highest allowable pay is now more than $300,000 for presidents at all CUNY colleges, ranging from $324,000 at community colleges to $371,000 at “top tier” colleges such as CCNY or Queens.

Do CUNY Adjuncts get benefits?

Enrolling as a New Member. Welfare Fund Supplemental Benefits are only available to Adjuncts enrolled in the CUNY Adjunct Health Insurance plan. First-time enrollees must contact their college Human Resource Department to enroll. The college will need to verify that requirements have been met.

Do CUNY employees get a pension?

C. While CUNY provides a mandatory retirement and pension plan, many employees chose to supplement the mandatory plan with participation in one of the voluntary plans that is offered to CUNY employees. This allows for employees to grow their retirement savings as well as enjoy some current tax savings where applicable.

Do CUNY Adjuncts get health insurance?

ADJUNCT HEALTH BENEFITS Eligibility for CUNY’s Adjunct health insurance coverage must be met by the following criteria: Teaching Adjuncts: Must have taught one or more courses for two consecutive semesters (not including Summer Sessions) immediately preceding the semester in which they are requesting health benefits.

Where can I find my salary schedule at CUNY?

On the PSC website are the new salary schedules for PSC-represented faculty and staff at CUNY. Click on your title to find your salary schedule. (Note that some titles have minimum and maximum rates – denoted by “to”; individuals’ salary rates in those titles will be increased by 2% if they are employed on the effective dates of the increases.)

When does the salary schedule change from Heo to CLT?

For most HEO series employees, the movement within schedule shall take place on the January 1st or July 1st following completion of at least eleven (11) full months of service. The last two steps on the salary schedules for employees in full-time faculty, HEO and CLT title series are the five and seven-year steps.

When can I move within schedule for Heo series employees?

Except as otherwise noted in this Agreement, for HEO series employees, the movement within schedule shall take place on the January first or July first following completion of at least eleven (11) full months of service.

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