What happens to refugees who arrive in Australia?

Temporary Protection Visas (TPV): for people who arrive in Australia without a valid visa and are found to be refugees that Australia is obliged to protect. People applying for this type of visa must also meet health and character requirements. The TPV gives them temporary residence for three years.

How did refugees arrive in Australia?

People come permanently to Australia in one of two ways: through the Migration Program or the Refugee and Humanitarian Program (‘the refugee program’). The Migration Program is the main program, which people use mainly to reunite with family or as skilled migrants.

How many asylum seekers arrive by plane in Australia?

The latest figures mean more than 100,000 asylum seekers have arrived by air during the Coalition government since it took power in 2013, a new peak in overall arrivals.

What happens when an asylum seeker arrives in Australia?

Under the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) (the Migration Act), asylum seekers who arrive in Australia, whether on the mainland or an ‘excised offshore place’, without a valid visa must be held in immigration detention until they are granted a visa or removed from Australia.

Did ups bring refugees into the country on cargo flights?

UPS Brings Refugees into the County on Cargo Flights-Fiction! UPS Brings Refugees into the Country on Cargo Flights-Fiction! A viral video claims that UPS brought refugees into the country on a cargo flight that landed in Pennsylvania. Rumors that UPS snuck refugees into the country on a cargo flight that landed in Pennsylvania are false.

What is the ‘normal’ way for refugees to come to Australia?

Many people think that being resettled is the ‘normal’ or ‘better’ way for refugees to come to Australia. In fact, seeking asylum is the ‘normal’ way to become a refugee in most of the world. Resettlement and asylum are simply two different ways to help people.

How many asylum seekers have come to Australia by plane?

This page has been updated to include data from the Bridging Visa E statistics as at 30 June 2021, and monthly updates on plane arrivals as at 31 October 2021. There are thousands of people seeking asylum living in the Australian community. Some of these people have come to Australia by plane, and sought asylum afterwards.

What is the offshore component of Australia’s refugee and humanitarian program?

For many years, Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program has included both refugees who apply overseas and those who apply in Australia. Those who apply overseas are ‘resettled’. This part of the program is often called the ‘offshore component’ of the Program.

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