What happens after you graduate Navy OCS?

Upon successful completion of OCS, you will be commissioned as a Navy Officer. During your training period, you will be instructed on leadership, receive physical and military training, and study academics related to the command of ships and submarines.

What rank do you graduate from OCS?

second lieutenant
What is my rank when I graduate from OCS? At graduation, you will be given a formal commission as a U.S. Army Officer and assigned to the rank of second lieutenant, the lowest of the commissioned ranks.

What rank are you when you finish Navy OCS?

Upon completion, graduates are commissioned in the rank of ensign (ENS) in the U.S. Navy. The Officer Training School of the United States Air Force is located at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

How many people can go to Navy OCS graduation?

OCS Graduation does not limit the number of people attending Family Day or Graduation. Graduating as a United States Marine Corps Officer will be one of the greatest accomplishments of your loved one’s life, and all family members and friends are encouraged to attend.

How hard is it to become an officer in the Navy?

Both emotionally and physically, the training is highly hard. You will be commissioned as a Navy Officer after successfully completing OCS. You will be taught leadership skills, receive physical and military training, and study academics relating to ship and submarine command during your training time.

Is Navy OCS like boot camp?

The purpose of the US Navy’s Officer Candidate School, aka boot camp, is to morally, mentally, and physically develop future leaders of character and competence imbuing them with the highest ideals of honour, courage, and commitment in order to serve as professional naval officers worthy of special trust and confidence …

Is there a graduation ceremony for OCS?

The graduation ceremony recognizes all candidates who met the required challenge and successfully completed the demanding 10-week curriculum. These candidates are ready (and very eager) to take their next step in becoming leaders of Marines.

How long does it take to get accepted into Navy OCS?

1-6 months
How long does the application take? Typically the application process can take from 1-6 months. Some designators take over a year to process. As an applicant, you can speed up the process by being proactive, ask questions, provide needed documents, and get physically fit for OCS.

Can you fail out of Navy OCS?

OCs may voluntarily request disenrollment from OCS due to their lack of desire to continue in the program. Drop on request disenrollments may not be used to circumvent disenrollment for physical disqualification, military inaptitude, or other disqualifying reasons.

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